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Business Doormats

At Make an Entrance we are experts in commercial entrance mat solutions.

We are able to offer business logo doormats with your company logo or design. Depending on your situation, a Washable Textile Logo Mat, Brush Logo Mat (Coir or Synthetic Coir), or Astroturf Style Mat may be best.

Free Standing on the Floor - A Textile Logo Mat is best as it has a tappered black border hence is not a trip hazard and meets all DDA requirements.

In a Mat Well/Recess - A Coir Logo Mat (17mm thick) or Synthetic Coir Logo Mat (10mm thick) would be best, depending on the depth of your mat well/recess. If you need a particularly colourful or intricate logo, a Textile Logo Mat may still be best, without borders, to suit a mat well.

External - An Astroturf Logo Mat (Synthetic Grass) would be best, for all weathers.

Talk to our Corporate Department on 020 8819 5869 about your specific requirements and we will be happy to advise on the best type of business doormat to suit. You can also fill in one of our forms below, which appear when you click on the Logo product of your choice.