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Monthly Archives: March 2018

  • Funky Door Mats

    Looking for something to brighten up your entrance for Spring? Our new range of vibrant and fun Funky Door Mats are perfect. In fact, you would be hard pushed to find a wider selection of colourful door mat designs in one place. With a huge variety of designs, including garden themes, animals and pets, as well as classic welcoming motifs, choosing your favourite of our funky door mats could be a tricky task!

    Bright-Flowers-Doormat Cool Funky Flowers

    Made from traditional, hardwearing coir combined with crisp, eye catching printed artwork, our funky door mats are functional, durable and very decorative.

    Spring Blooms

    Although the unseasonal snow and ice has delayed the blossoming of Spring flowers, one of our lovely floral designs can make up for this by adding colour to your porch. These designs look great in conservatories or garden rooms to bring a little breath of outdoors inside your home.

    watering-can-doormat The perfect gift for a keen gardener

    Beloved Pets

    People who are lucky enough to have a dog or cat member of their family know that fury friends are usually the first to greet visitors. There’s no wonder that dog and cat door mats are so popular, and we have lots to choose from in our range of funky door mats.

    Welcome-Cats-Doormat Don't forget the cat...
    Welcome-Dogs-Doormat ...Or the dog!

    Setting the Mood

    Returning home after a bad day can be made an even happier experience with one of our mood door mats. Not only are the sophisticated designs uniquely beautiful, they are a poignant reminder to leave your troubles at the door. It’s the little touches that make the most difference.

    mood-doormats Inspirational motifs for your entrance

    Welcome Messages

    Forever popular, welcome message door mats are like a flag to your visitors (and your family!) that your home is the place to be. Our funky door mats feature lively welcome themes that deliver the message loud and clear. There’s definitely no place like home.

    Magpie-Welcome-Mat An eye catching Welcome design
    home-doormat You know you've arrived with this vibrant Home mat
  • Custom House Signs: Case Study

    Case Study: Custom House Signs – New Wood Oak Sign plus Renovation Job

    Making custom house signs means every job is different and sometimes we need to change how we work to help out our customers.

    One of our longest standing customers has recently built an annexe to their property and needed our help. They wanted us to make a new oak house sign to match their original one. As their first sign was made many years ago, it looked rather tired.


    Oak House Sign - BEFORE Renovation Tired and Weathered, this is how the original sign looked before we worked our magic.


    It had been on a north facing wall in the north of England, and had had to withstand quite a bit of weathering. The original wooden sign was carved in oak and well protected with oil but was now in need of some TLC.

    After discussing our customer’s needs we decided to hand paint the lettering on the new sign black. This would make the sign easier to read from the road. Our plan was to renovate the old sign to match.

    A tough ask.

    Once we received the original house sign back we were doubtful we’d be able to make the old sign look as good as new. We said we’d do our best but discussed options with the client. We were worried  we might not be able to bring the old wooden sign back to a presentable condition.

    A stunning result.

    We needn’t have worried. Once our workshop team had performed their magic,  it was impossible to tell which of the custom house signs was old and which was the new sign.

    Pair of House Signs in Wood Smallholding U is the original sign and Samsara the new one made to match 5 years after the first

    The original made to order sign was sanded down, the lettering painted and coated with several layers of protective oil. The new sign was made to match exactly many years later. Even though the client couldn’t remember the typeface, we were able to retrieve all the details of their original order some 5 years ago and make the new sign a perfect match.

    We are absolutely delighted with the result and our client is too. 

    Custom House Signs: Quality Materials and Methods.

    When you work with quality materials such as oak, and do everything properly without cutting any corners these are the results you can expect.

    When you order a sign from us, we start out with a plain plank of wood. We cut this to the appropriate and size and make it into your sign. We create your bespoke design using traditional wood-working techniques and up to the minute carving machinery.

    Made to Order House Signs Concealed Fixing Holes Our craftsmanship extends to the parts you can't even see!

    Skilled woodworkers carry out every single part of the process. They lovingly create each sign as an individual masterpiece.

    We even take care over the back of the signs, the part that no-one will see. Just take a look at the how neatly our concealed fixing holes are carved.

    Get in touch.

    If you are considering made to order house signs, give us a call (020 8819 5869) or send in an enquiry form.

    Our team love to help out however we can. If your idea is possible we will find a way to make it for you.

  • Washable Door Mats and Runners

    Since the snow has now melted, if salty wet footprints are messing up your floors our washable door mats and runners are the perfect solution.

    Our Washable Door Mats and Runners are:

    • 1 - Large enough to be a place to stand while you remove your winter boots
    • 2 - Thin enough to go under almost any door
    • 3 - Fully machine washable to stay looking pristine


    Washable Door Mats and Runners Perfect to combat wet and salty wintertime foot prints, our washable door mats come in 100+ colours

    Standard Sizes

    Our washable door mats and runners come in a range of styles.

    Our off- the-shelf, super-absorbent cotton blend mats are available in 5 colours; Granite, Charcoal, Bronze, Black, Beige and Chocolate Brown.

    They range in size from the petite 60 x 40cm to a whopping 150 x 90cm; ideal to almost fill a porch or boot room.

    They are also available as a runner size too at 180cm x 60cm.

    Custom Made

    If you have a very specific size in mind or would like a greater choice of colours; our made to measure washable door mats and runners would be the ideal choice.

    Our colour chart offers 72 colours in this product and pretty much any size you like. Simply choose your customisation with us online and your mat with be delivered to you by courier in around 2 weeks.

    Easy to Clean

    Our washable mats will absorb a lot and keep their good looks for a long time. If they do start to look a little tired simply pop them in the washing machine and wash at 30 degrees. If you have chosen a very large size you might have to use a carpet shampoo machine but these give excellent results too.

    Although they are excellent at absorbing moisture, so they are ideal for this time of year our washable mats are useful all year round. They feel soft and welcoming underfoot when you remove your shoes and don’t shed any fibres either.

    Order yours now so that next time the weather strikes your mat will be ready to save your floors from those pesky salty footprints.

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