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Monthly Archives: March 2019

  • Man Made Coir

    Coir is an extremely good all-rounder mat, great at removing dirt and dealing with the footfall that comes year after year, season after season.

    But if you are needing a coir mat that is free standing on the floor it can start to become an issue of which mat to go for. If you need a standard size then great you have plenty of options. But if it is an irregular size or shape then you are limited.

    Enter the Man Made Coir range.

    Man Made Coir Man Made Coir Range

    We have 5 different types of Man Made Coir dependent on your needs. All can be cut to the size you require. They can all be free standing or go into a mat well and are suitable for underfloor heating. They are also thinner than coir for when clearance is an issue.

    Coarse Man Made Coir is our standard synthetic coir. It has a more bristle feel to it meaning in it is great for removing dirt off shoes.

    Next is our Soft Man Made Coir along with all the normal colours of Black, Dark Brown and Golden Brown comes in Grey. It is softer underfoot for all those that like walking around with no socks or shoes on.

    For all the houses that need a bit more dirt removal from shoes prior to entering, or would maybe just like a different look form their doormat. We have our Wide Ridge Man Made Coir and our Ribbed Man Made Coir. Both of which come in a Golden Brown and Grey Colour.

    Lastly, we have our Outdoor Man Made Coir. If you are in need for mat to sit outside but don’t want to have to deal with the maintenance that is required for a coir mat this is the matting for you. Have it in the size you need and just put it down it is as simple as that.

    We will have something to suit your needs here.

  • Traditional Hand Loom Coir Doormat

    We have had some sun and warmth so far, but even though the weather is regressing slightly the daffodils are starting to flower which can only mean Spring.

    Unfortunately, that also does mean starting to look ahead for the annual spring clean and house refresh.

    Well, to help you out we have recently added a new range of standard size coir mats, our Traditional Hand Loom Coir Doormat.

    Made from the same great hard wearing material that is used for our Hand Stitched Coir Mats the only difference, they are not finished by hand here in the UK.

    We have 5 standard sizes available for you to choose from all 100% Coir with a woven back and finished edges. Meaning it is also eco-friendly and biodegradable when you are finished with it.

    To get you started this weekend if you use code HANDLOOM it will give you 10% off our new range of Traditional Hand Loom Coir Doormats. Running until Tuesday 12th March.

    So, get the same great quality doormat without the wait.

    Take a look now.

  • Runner Mats

    We have been busy this week adding some new Runner Mats to the website.

    Checked Runner Mats and Modern Runner Mats.

    Checked Runner Mats
    Modern Runner MAats Modern Runner Mats

    These both come in a variety of sizes, to ensure you will get the best mat to protect your floors.

    In a range of colours from slightly quirky with a highlight of colour to enhance the appearance of the mat to a modern design for a modern lifestyle.

    All of these mats have slip resistant and are fully machine washable at 30oC to keep them looking fresh after all the drip and spills.

    Practical and hard wearing they are the perfect accompaniment to any home.

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