June 2019

  1. Cheap Coir Matting Cut to Size

    Cheap Coir Matting Cut to Size to order in our UK workshops. Sometimes, when price is the overriding factor, cheap coir matting is what you’ll need. Order just what you need and we’ll cut it for you. Delivered quickly by courier with no waste. At Make An Entrance we pride ourselves on the quality and […]

  2. Doormat Tray and Inserts - NEW

    New Eco Friendly Door Mats now in stock – Doormat Tray and Inserts. Refresh, don’t replace with our NEW rubber doormat tray and inserts. Simply replace the coir inserts. We all want our homes to look clean and tidy, but even the most robust of mats will start to show signs of wear when exposed […]

  3. Doormat Making - See how we do it

    Doormat making is a traditional skill, that has been handed down through the years. Today at Make An Entrance we have a huge range of mats of every type. But our business began with simple coconut mats. We have been making our traditional hand stitched mats the same way for decades. Our craftsmen take the […]

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