August 2019

  1. Bank Holiday Offer

    As the final bank holiday of the year approaches maybe it is time to have a think about refreshing your doormat before the autumnal weather sets in for good. Enter our PVC Backed Coir Matting. All of our coir is cut to the size that you need so there is minimal wastage. It is all cut here […]

  2. Coir Matting Cut To Size

    Coir Matting Cut To Size Made To An Irregular Shape Awkward shaped mat well? Don’t worry; our craftsmen can create a Custom Shaped Door Mat made to your template from our Coir Matting Cut To Size. Many mat wells are not exactly square but sometimes they can present a real challenge. If the area you […]

  3. The Best Machine Washable Indoor Mat

    The Best Machine Washable Indoor Mat. This month we have had a lot to say about our Machine Washable Indoor Door Mats and that is because they are great! So, let me take you back through why our Machine Washable Mat range is the best around. Personalised or Plain Our plain colour standard washable doors […]

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