Learn how to find a truly non shedding coir doormat here. 

Natural Coir Matting remains many people’s number one door matting material. Traditional, hard-wearing, and stylish. There are many positives that make it a popular choice. There’s only one downfall. Shedding. Of course, with the higher grades of Coir that we offer, shedding is far less of an issue. This is due to the more densely woven pile. But Coir fibre loss can rarely be totally avoided. So what about a non shedding coir alternative?

With the natural look of Coir and super durability, our Synthetic Coir Matting options are a brilliant solution to the shedding conundrum. They’re 100% Non Shedding and 9mm thick, making them ideal for areas where clearance is an issue

Our absorbent scraper made made coir is a perfect non shedding coir alternative

Our Absorbent Scraper in Black.

Absorbent Scraper Man Made Coir

Doormats need to scrape off dirt and absorb water to be effective. Our Absorbent Scraper does both brilliantly, and its flecked appearance means the dirt doesn’t show. The pile is made from a mixture of hard scraping fibres and soft yarns which scrape of the dirt and soak up moisture. Ideal for heavy traffic areas such as hallways, it is tough enough for use in a commercial setting too.

Soft Man Made Coir

Our Soft Man Made Coir has the same brush action as natural coir, but as it is a man made material is less prone to staining and can be spot cleaned to remove marks. It is also a little softer under foot due to its more looped pile rather than a bristle pile.

Outdoor Man Made Scraper

Outdoor Synthetic Scraper Doormat Black

Our Outdoor Synthetic Scraper Doormat Black/Grey.

At just 9mm thick and non-shedding, this is a great outdoor mat that can be cut to any size or shape. Our Outdoor Man Made Scraper is optimised for scraping and is also tough enough to stand use in a commercial setting, thanks to its coarse yarns, with the blended pile design keeps the dirt out of sight.

Outdoor Synthetic Scraper Doormat

Our Outdoor Synthetic Scraper Doormat is a new product for 2021 has been optimized for scraping dirt from footwear. With its coarse pile and porous backing, this allows it to be placed outside, and purpose made to hide dirt away from sight between fibres. Maintenance for this matting is easy, you can clean easily by hosing down outside.

Personalised synthetic and textile door mats

Additional non shedding coir alternative options, are our All Weather Made to Measure Doormat and Washable Textile Carpet Mats. These doormats are 5-6mm thick, so ideal for low clearance doorways as well as a non shedding doormat alternative.  Personalise with lettering or a motif of your choice!

Create Your Own Doormat

Our Carpet Textile Create Your Own Doormat

The backing of these doormats being made from hard wearing rubber or PVC, with very stain resistant synthetic fibres. You are likely to be able to keep the same mat for a years, making this a positive choice for both your home and the planet.

Additionally, the other great feature of these products, is that our non shedding coir alternatives are compatible with underfloor heating; due to the heat resistant backing. Again, this fills a gap left by natural Coir with a PVC Backing that doesn’t withstand the heat too well.

In summary, you should now be equipped with all the information you need on non shedding coir! You can shop our range here. If you need any further assistance, we would love to help. You can call us on 020 8819 5869, or email us at help@makeanentrance.com.