Mat Well Mats

Our Mat Well Mats are a best seller. They are recessed door mat that usually lie flush with the flooring. Matwell mats are usually made from PVC Backed Coir, but they can also be in carpet form. The door mat carpet is made from our Washable Textile Carpet Mat a matwell carpet. We custom make the door well mats to the size you require so you only pay for what you need and there's minimal wastage.

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If your mat well is not a recessed door mat well, you could use a door well frame or sunken doormat trim to hold your mat in place. Unfortunately, we do not sell these just yet. But watch this space. Having a fitted door mat in a doormat well cannot be easier.

Here at Make An Entrance we have a front door carpet to suit any of your needs and style. We also have a doormat carpet for any thicknesses of mat wells. It will be cut to the size you need to make it a perfect fit for your door mat well.

However, if you would prefer to cut it yourself it is extremely easy to do with a sharp Stanley knife and a ruler. You could say its is your own personal recessed door mat kit for your mat well.

If you are having any problems or cannot find exactly what you need please feel free to call us on +44 (0)20 8819 5869 or contact us. We're here to help.