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Coir Logo Mats

Coir Logo Mats

Coir logo mats give a traditional look and create the very best 1st impression of your business and your brand.

Coir or Coconut fibre is the original hard wearing material chosen for years to make long lasting doormats for businesses and homes alike.

At Make An Entrance we offer high quality entrance mats for businesses created from coir and featuring company logos and messages. These are the best quality available and will last like no other type of mat.

With our coir logo mats, the design is inlaid into the mat by cutting the outline of the design out of the background colour of coir. The logo is then created by cutting the pieces of the design out of coir that has been dyed to the right colours and these pieces are then inlaid into the mat. The backing is then resealed for extra integrity. These are commercial grade coir logo mats.

The design goes all the way through from surface to base so will last for the entire life of the mat. If you want a traditional look to represent your company branding, a coconut logo mat is the perfect choice.

Question - Can we order online now, we know what we want?

Answer - Not really. Variables in the price include the size, number of colours and complexity of the logo, so please do input your details into the form below.

Question - Can we have a logo printed onto coir?

Answer - Not if you wish the logo to last. The Coir Logo Mat inlaid method will mean the logo lasts as long as the mat, and is commercial grade. Using a cheaper printing process means the logo will wear away long before the mat is worn out, hence we no longer offer printing as an option for commercial grade coir logo matting.

Question - You mention 10mm or 17mm?

Answer - It is important to measure the depth of your mat well. We do 17mm Natural Coir Logo Mats and 10mm Synthetic Coir Logo Mats. The 10mm is a brush mat like coir, but made of Synthetic Material, for those areas where the mat well (clearance) is shallow. If you have a mat well that is deeper than 17mm, then you may need to put a piece of board underneath to raise it up a touch.

Please take a look at at our factsheets for more information:
Traditional Coir Logo Mat Factsheet & Colour Chart

Synthetic Coir Logo Mat Factsheet & Synthetic Coir Colour Chart

Important note:

In order to ensure that we get your mat absolutely right, we ask you to submit your logo or preferred design using the form below. Our business team will get straight back to you with a quote or will contact you if we need a little more information. We will supply a proof before going into production and your mat will typically be ready within 10-15 working days. Submit your details using the form below, or talk to our mat specialists on 020 8819 5869 about your specific requirements and we will be happy to advise.

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