Machine Washable Door Mats

Machine Washable Door Mats are great to use in an indoor setting, particularly where a thin doormat is required. Many people choose machine washable door mats for the kitchen as drips and spills can easily be washed out, they're great in conservatories and porches too.

Don't be misled, there are many similar looking products on the market, sometimes with cheaper prices but in use, you will instantly see the difference. Our machine washable door mats are highly absorbent and resilient, holding onto the dirt and keeping your floors clean.

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  1. Anti Slip Rug Underlay

    Anti Slip Rug Underlay

    Thickness: 2mm
    Size: Made to Measure

16 Items


With the range of colours available it's easy to choose a washable floor mat to match your decor. Our machine washable door mats are the highest quality available. They have a dense pile made from a variety of materials including some super absorbent cotton ones and a vinyl / rubber anti-slip backing.

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