Clive Cox Racing Chooses Traditional Coconut Horse Matting To Prevent Slipping

Anti Slip Horse Mats made for Clive Cox Racing


  • Prevent Slipping
  • Avoid Injury
  • Large Area

  • Benefits:
  • Made to Measure
  • Naturally shock absorbent
  • Biodegradable Product

    In a busy training stable, every opportunity must be taken to minimize the risk of injury and enable the horses to remain fit. Clive Cox was looking for a way to protect the horses from slipping on the concrete as they turn a tight corner when heading out for training.

    Anti Slip Horse Mats for Clive Cox Racing | Case Study from Make An Entrance on Vimeo.


    Traditional Coconut Matting (also known as Coir Matting), the material commonly used to make doormats was a perfect solution. It is gentle underfoot but in large pieces, 180cm x 600cm long is so heavy that it will not slip. It absorbs moisture so acts as a great anti-slip surface in wet or icy weather, and the traditional woven-backed construction ensures that it will breathe and dry out.

    The dogs enjoying the new anti slip horse mats for Clive Cox Racing


    Anti Slip

    The deep pile and brush construction of the matting provides shock absorption and anti-slip properties to protect the horses’ legs

    Made to Measure

    Large mats can be made to cover huge areas. The maximum single piece is 1.8 m x 11.5m, and these can be laid down alongside each other with minimal gaps to cover an enormous area. At Clive Cox Racing the mats cover an area 45m2!


    Coir is a completely natural material made from coconut husks. The woven-backed matting used as horse matting is completely biodegradable and can simply be composted at the end of its life.

    Clive Cox with Anna from Make An Entrance with the new anti slip horse mats


    We’ve used coir matting in the past, but it’s become harder to find. We know it works well to protect our horses and that it lasts. We are delighted that Make An Entrance can now make us whatever size we need!

    Clive Cox

    Clive Cox Racing

    Download a pdf of this case study here.

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