Logo Door Mats

Logo door mats of every type, custom made for your business. Whether the mat is for indoors or outdoors, you have low clearance or need to be able to wash it regularly, as UK experts, our logo door mat range offers just what you need.

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5 Items

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Materials For Custom Logo Mats

Looking for a custom logo mat for your business? Well, you can have colour-printed logo mats in a variety of materials. These custom floor mats offer your company the ability to have a practical mat that is right for your business, offering the correct material needed to keep your entrance clean and the right design to fit your aesthetic
Here are some of the materials you can pick for your entrance mats.

Coir Coconut Logo Mat

Branded mats with a coir coconut finish offer a nice natural look with a good level of protection. Coir is a good material for environments with more hard-wearing dirt from outside areas. Coir logo mats are a great asset to any business.p>

Carpet Logo Mat

Indoor logo mats made of carpet offer a nice visual for transitioning spaces. Carpet is best for breaking up the gap between one room and another and offers light protection from dust transferring from room to room. They are not a good option for entrances from outside areas.

Outdoor Logo Mat

Having a good material that can be kept outside allows you to have a cleaner indoor area. We have a range of personalised logo mats available for outdoor areas.

Rubber Logo Mat

Outdoor rubber logo mats are great for companies that need a bit of extra branding on the outside of their company. It helps show clients which door is yours and creates a nice warm welcome. Outdoor logo mats made of rubber are sturdy and handle water well.

Personalised Logo Mat:

Having personalised logo mats really brings a room together and helps brand your business further. All our logo mats are created to a high standard, and our colour-printed logo mats have a finish that makes your logo truly pop off the mat. If you want your business logo or company branding as part of your entrance, then take a look at our complete range today.
We have custom sizes and a huge range of materials available.

Indoor Door Mats

Indoor Door Mats have the widest choice of colours, materials, and designs.
When the mat is to go inside and doesn't need to withstand the weather, the designs will last much longer, giving our design team lots more scope to produce outstanding designs. Take a look; we're sure you'll love them.

Outdoor Mats

Our outside door mat range is exceptionally hard-wearing. We have them all from hand-stitched coir external door mats to synthetic zero maintenance outside door mats.

Having an outside doormat means that there is the first barrier to bringing unwanted dirt and mud into your home. Outside doormats are the best door mats for scraping your shoes. Take a look at the range here.

Cut to Size Matting

If you want a door mat cut to the size you want, then you've come to the right place. We have a huge range of thicknesses, grades and colours. Whatever you had in mind, you're sure to find it here.


Why Have Your Logo On A Door Mat?

Customised logo mats can help your business to stand out from the crowd. Don't waste your floor space, give it an extra bit of branding and help give your business an extra bit of professionalism and legitimacy. Choose your mat colour and design with our personalised logo mats.

Does Having A Logo Door Mat For Your Business Make Your Business Look More Professional?

Yes! Branding is key in the business world. Having your logo and brand on show helps display a level of professionalism to others. Having a personalised commercial logo mats helps your company to add a level of professionalism and style to your brand.

Can you get Coir Logo Mats?

Yes! Coir mats are a popular choice for many people when choosing an entrance mat. They last a long time a deal with dirt well. As a result, many people want a coir mat. Luckily, we offer the ability to have your logo on a coir mat as well. Find ideal mats with us today.