Entrance Door Mats

Entrance mats are a great way to make a statement. They're the first thing that visitors see when entering your home, so it's important to ensure they're effective at preventing dirt and moisture, as well as being heavy-duty for the long term.

Here at Make An Entrance, we feature our whole collection as entrance mats, as we understand the importance of choosing the right one for your home or business. Our categories below are based on where the mat will be most suitable:

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What Type Of Entrance Mats Are There?

Entrance mats come in a variety of styles, materials, sizes and shapes to suit any home or business. There are different types of entrance mats available to fit the unique needs of each individual space. Let's break down the different types so you can make an informed decision when selecting the perfect entrance mat for your entryway:

Indoor Entrance Mats:

These mats are designed to trap dirt and moisture at the entrance of your home or business. They're usually made from rubber, vinyl, plastic or carpet and come in a range of colours and sizes to match any decor. Indoor entrance mats can be used outdoors as well however, they must be cleaned regularly to ensure that debris isn't tracked indoors.

Outdoor Rubber Mats:

These mats are designed to withstand the elements, making them ideal for outdoor entryways. They are often made from a rubber material that is strong and durable yet soft enough to protect your feet from slipping or tripping on wet surfaces. Outdoor entrance mats also come in a variety of colours and designs to enhance the aesthetics of any exterior space. Some people like to place coir matting outside, however, it should be noted that this is a water-absorbent material that will become waterlogged when it rains.

Matwell Entrance Mats:

Matwell entrance mats are designed for commercial settings where safety is key. They are usually made of rubber or metal and come in a variety of colours and designs to match any business's aesthetic. These can be placed inside entryways, hallways, elevators and other common areas to ensure that employees and guests don't slip or trip on wet surfaces.

Thin Entrance Mats:

Thin entrance mats are ideal for small entryways or hallways where space is limited. They are made of thin yet durable material that can easily be placed in any area without taking up too much space. They also come in various colours and designs, making them perfect for any interior design.

Large Entrance Mats:

As mentioned in the name, Large mats are ideal for larger outdoor entryways or hallways. They can be commercial door mats that are usually made from rubber, vinyl or plastic and come in a variety of sizes to fit any space. However, they can also be used for home use as and will provide superior coverage, trap dirt, debris and moisture that can be tracked indoors.

Underfloor Heating Entrance Mats:

Underfloor heating mats are designed to fit underneath floor heating systems, such as radiant or hydronic systems. They are made from a durable material that can withstand heat without being damaged and come in a variety of sizes and colours, so they can be matched to any decor. This is also a high-quality entrance matting. No matter what type of entrance mat you are looking for, there is sure to be one that fits your needs! With so many options available, you can easily find the perfect entrance mat, or barrier matting, to keep your home or business safe and stylish. Now all you have to do is decide which one will look best at your entrance!
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Entrance Matting FAQs:

We've done our best to try and answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding entrance mats:

What Are The Benefits Of Using Entrance Matting?

Entrance matting can provide a number of benefits, including improved safety, better protection of interior flooring, and improved aesthetics. Safety-wise, entrance mats can help to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls by helping to remove dirt, moisture and debris from the shoes of those entering your building. This helps to keep floors clean and dry, reducing the risk of accidents.

What is the use of an entrance mat?

Indoor entrance mats, as well as outdoor entrance mats, scrape off debris, absorb moisture, and dry the bottom of shoes before entering a household. There are a range of high-quality entrance mats available, with some of the most popular being made from coir due to their water-absorbent nature, durability and longevity. At Make an Entrance, we understand the importance of having high-quality entrance matting, as we believe this sets the premise for your household or business.

What is the best entrance matting?

Various commercial door mats are available on the market, all with unique selling points. Coir, for example, is a high-quality entrance mat that is known to be heavy-duty as well as effective at stopping dirt. Others include synthetic coir, rubber and nylon.

Does entrance matting require underlay?

Underlay can be a great way to stop your door mat from slipping if you have a free-standing mat and a lot of foot traffic in your household/office. Having an underlay in your entrance matting means you protect the surrounding floors whilst simultaneously keeping high-traffic areas tidy. This can be a great way to prevent the entrance matting from sliding, whether this is in a reception area or your home.

Is it better to have a doormat inside or outside?

This is a question many homeowners ask themselves when figuring out where to place their entrance mat. Here at Make an Entrance, we recommend placing a door mat inside and outside your home for maximum efficiency. This ensures that your outdoor entrance matting removes any dirt, preferably by having stiff bristles, and the indoor mats absorb any leftover moisture. However, for more information on this, why not view our blog article: Do welcome mats go inside or outside?

What Is A Good Size Entrance Mat For Indoors?

The answer to this question will depend on the size of your doorway. If your doorway is smaller, you can benefit from a smaller mat to fit this correctly. Here at Make an Entrance, we offer coir matting cut to size to ensure that you find the best-fitting doormat for your home.

How Often Should You Replace Your Front Door Mat?

Your front door mat needs to be replaced every few years, but this depends on the material and wear and tear it has been subjected to. Coir matting, for example, can last for years when maintained properly due to its durable properties.

Should Indoor Entrance Mats Be Wider Than The Front Door?

Indoor and outdoor mats should be 80% of the width of your door. This is enough to cover the entrance to your doorway without overlapping or sitting incorrectly.