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What Is Rubber Matting?

Rubber matting refers to floor coverings made from rubber that are designed to offer a slip-resistant surface in settings. Recognised for its strength and versatility, rubber matting is ideal for areas that experience foot traffic, moisture or potential spills. It serves purposes such as enhancing safety by minimising the risk of slips and falls, providing comfort for individuals who stand for prolonged periods, and safeguarding floors from wear and tear.

Why Choose Rubber Matting?

Rubber matting is renowned for its durability, versatility and safety features. It proves to be an investment in any space because it; Ensures Safety: Offers enhanced protection with its slip surface that reduces the chances of accidents. Enhances Comfort: Provides cushioning effect that minimises fatigue for those standing or walking extensively. Exhibits Durability: Withstands heavy foot traffic loads, weight pressure and varying conditions. Maintenance: Aids in keeping things clean and in prime condition, which is essential for long-term use.

Rubber Matting For Your Business

Rubber matting serves as a multifaceted solution, catering to the diverse needs of several business environments. It’s particularly well-suited to places requiring durability, safety, and maintenance. Here’s how different sectors can benefit from rubber matting:

Healthcare Facilities:

In the healthcare sector, encompassing hospitals and clinics, the priority is a clean and safe environment. Rubber matting is invaluable here as it provides a slip-resistant surface, reducing the likelihood of accidents. Additionally, its ease of cleaning and maintenance is crucial in upholding the stringent hygiene standards of healthcare facilities.

Commercial Buildings and Kitchens:

Commercial settings, especially kitchens in the food and beverage industry, are prone to spills and require high hygiene standards. Rubber mats play a role in ensuring safety by preventing slips. Falls. They are also relatively simple to clean, making them an ideal choice for these environments. Moreover, their resilience and anti-fatigue properties make them essential for staff who spend periods standing.

Fitness Centres and Gyms:

Fitness centres and gyms require flooring that can withstand heavy equipment and high foot traffic. Rubber mats are highly favoured in these settings because they absorb shocks and provide a non-slip surface, ensuring a safe and durable surface for workouts.

Farms and Stables:

Within this sector, natural rubber matting proves advantageous for both workers and livestock on farms and stables. Its durability allows it to withstand heavy equipment usage while being easy to clean. Additionally, it provides comfort to animals. Given its resilience, it is well suited for areas with conditions.

Parks and Playgrounds:

For outdoor recreational spaces like parks and playgrounds, rubber matting offers a safe, cushioned surface, reducing the risk of injuries from falls. It’s weather-resistant, providing a durable, long-lasting solution for various outdoor applications.

Office Buildings:

In office environments, rubber matting proves invaluable by providing a comfortable and fatigue-reducing surface for employees, especially in high-traffic areas and spaces where staff stand for prolonged periods. Its durable, low-maintenance nature and noise reduction capabilities contribute to the many benefits of maintaining a clean, professional, and productive workspace.


Warehouses and distribution centres benefit significantly from rubber matting. It offers a comfortable surface for employees, protects the floor from heavy equipment, and provides a safer walking surface in areas susceptible to spills or leaks.

Where Can I Buy Rubber Matting?

Make An Entrance is the destination if you are looking for quality, durable and versatile rubber matting solutions. We take pride in our range of rubber matting options that can be tailored to meet your needs. Whether you need anti-fatigue mats for your workspace, entrance mats to keep your floors pristine, or gym mats, we have you covered. Our team of experts are dedicated to assisting you throughout the selection process so that you find the matting solution aligned with your business objectives and environmental requirements. We prioritise quality, functionality and customer satisfaction. So, if you're wondering where to purchase rubber matting, look no further than Make An Entrance. We pride ourselves on delivering products and a wide range of options to meet all your rubber matting and flooring needs. You can visit our website or get in touch with our team to explore our offerings and find the perfect matting solution for you.

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Let's answer some of your frequently asked questions about rubber mats.

What Is Rubber Matting Used For?

Rubber matting is renowned for its versatility and is employed across various industries and settings for several purposes. It is integral in enhancing safety, offering a slip-resistant surface that is crucial in environments prone to wetness or oiliness. Additionally, the cushioning nature of rubber mats is effective in reducing fatigue for individuals who are on their feet for extended periods, making it a popular choice in workplaces and retail environments. Beyond these, rubber mats protect underlying floors from potential damage and wear, facilitate efficient drainage in wet areas, and certain types are essential for insulating against electrical shocks.

How Do You Keep A Rubber Mat In Place?

Ensuring a rubber flooring mat remains securely in place is pivotal for maximising its benefits. One method is using double-sided tape to firmly adhere the mat edges to the floor, preventing movement. Alternatively, applying rubber padding beneath the mat can increase friction and contribute to its stability. Selecting a mat that is appropriately sized for the designated area also diminishes the chances of slippage. Furthermore, maintaining the cleanliness and dryness of the floor underneath can significantly enhance the mat’s grip and stability.

How Do I Cut Rubber Matting?

Cutting rubber matting requires a few simple steps for a precise and neat finish. Start by accurately measuring and marking the required dimensions on the mat. Once marked, it’s essential to secure the mat on a flat surface to avoid any shifts during the cutting process. Utilising a sharp utility knife, apply even pressure to cut along the marked line; depending on the mat's thickness, several passes may be necessary. After cutting, any rough edges can be smoothed out using sandpaper to achieve a polished look.

How Do I Clean My Rubber Mat?

Cleaning your rubber matis a pretty simple process. Mix water with a mild detergent and use a brush or cloth to scrub any stained or soiled areas of the mat. Rinse with water after scrubbing and allow it to air dry completely before placing it back in its designated area. Regular cleaning will help maintain both the appearance and functionality of the mat, ensuring that it remains durable and practical in your space. Should you have additional questions or require further clarification on rubber matting, the knowledgeable team at Make An Entrance is always on hand to assist.