1. Why we're not doing a Black Friday Offer

    Why we're not doing a Black Friday Offer
    Although we have run a Black Friday offer for years, for 2022 we are doing something a little different. As a family-run small business, proud to produce as many of our products as possible here in the UK, Black Friday is very hard for us. We do not have the same profit margins as big […]
  2. Awards Win for Make An Entrance Managing Director

    Awards Win for Make An Entrance Managing Director
    Winner! We're thrilled to announce that Stuart Burlton our MD has been named #King of Doormats by The Royal Connection Awards run by Aqua Design Group on Twitter. Thanks so much for the accolade, the team at Make An Entrance all think Stu is an awesome boss, but it's wonderful to have this external recognition […]
  3. Traditional Coir Door Mats

    A Short History of Make An Entrance making Traditional Coir Door Mats. 19th Century: Traditional Coir Door Mats We have been making coconut door mats for a  very long time. In fact, the roots of Make An Entrance stretch a long way, all the way back to the 19th Century. Originally partially sighted and blind people […]
  4. Length and Width vs Portrait and Landscape - What's the Difference?

    We explain the difference between Length and Width vs Portrait and Landscape when ordering a custom made doormat. For many of us, it’s been a long time since maths class at school, and the differences between length and width or portrait and landscape have become fuzzy! This blog article will provide you with knowledge of […]
  5. How To Cut Coir Matting

    Advice from our experts on How To Cut Coir Matting at home How to cut coir matting is a common question that people ask when buying from companies that don’t cut coir to an exact size. Or perhaps you need an irregular shaped doormat. However, at Make An Entrance all of our Cut To Size […]
  6. PVC Backed Coir Matting

    PVC Backed Coir Matting
    Here at Make An Entrance we specialise in PVC Backed Coir Matting. Meet Samuel, one of our workshop team, who individually cut your mats to order in our UK workshops, and see how we do it here:  PVC Backed Coir from Make An Entrance on Vimeo. All the grades all the thicknesses. All of our […]
  7. How Long Do Coir Mats Last?

    A common question for our customer service team is How Long Do Coir Mats Last? Coir mats are hard wearing and durable. They are also extremely effective at scraping dirt and absorbing moisture from footwear. However, with coir being a natural material it needs to be correctly cared for and maintained to ensure its longevity. […]
  8. Washable Doormats - Can I Put My Doormat In The Washing Machine?

    We explain how to care for Machine Washable Doormats Washable Doormats are ideal because as we all know, the British winter is full of bad weather and your doormat takes the brunt of this. There are machine washable doormats out there. However, not all doormats can be cleaned in this way, and saturating them may […]
  9. Coloured Coir Matting

    Coloured Coir Matting At Make An Entrance we are always expanding our range of coloured coir matting. Coloured coir is perfect if you love the quality and feel of traditional coir matting, but want a doormat to match your décor or as a feature piece. With a huge range of colours available, there’s something for […]
  10. Make An Entrance launches brand new UK made Personalised Mat for Christmas 2021

    NEW Personalised Mat for Christmas 2021 Make An Entrance is delighted to launch its Laser Engraved Personalised Doormat range; UK made unique Christmas gifts for 2021. As UK doormat experts, the team at Make An Entrance have been selling doormats of all types for many years. We specialize in custom made and bespoke items, always with […]

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