Matting Care & Maintenance

  1. How To Cut Coir Matting

    Advice from our experts on How To Cut Coir Matting at home How to cut coir matting is a common question that people ask when buying from companies that don’t cut coir to an exact size. Or perhaps you need an irregular shaped doormat. However, at Make An Entrance all of our Cut To Size […]
  2. How Long Do Coir Mats Last?

    A common question for our customer service team is How Long Do Coir Mats Last? Coir mats are hard wearing and durable. They are also extremely effective at scraping dirt and absorbing moisture from footwear. However, with coir being a natural material it needs to be correctly cared for and maintained to ensure its longevity. […]
  3. Washable Doormats - Can I Put My Doormat In The Washing Machine?

    We explain how to care for Machine Washable Doormats Washable Doormats are ideal because as we all know, the British winter is full of bad weather and your doormat takes the brunt of this. There are machine washable doormats out there. However, not all doormats can be cleaned in this way, and saturating them may […]
  4. How To Clean A Built In Doormat?

    Advice from our experts about How To Clean A Built In Doormat. Once your doormat has been installed into a mat well or recess it will gradually pick up dirt over time with regular use. This is completely normal, your doormat just needs a quick clean. We send out a doormat care guide with every […]
  5. Underfloor heating compatible door mats? What do I need to know?

    Everything you need to know when choosing doormats to use with your underfloor heating. A common query we get asked in customer services is whether we sell underfloor heating compatible door mats. The answer is yes. We are more than happy to help you find the right doormat to work with your system. If you […]
  6. Doormat Tray and Inserts - NEW

    New Eco Friendly Door Mats now in stock - Doormat Tray and Inserts. Refresh, don’t replace with our NEW rubber doormat tray and inserts. Simply replace the coir inserts. We all want our homes to look clean and tidy, but even the most robust of mats will start to show signs of wear when exposed […]
  7. What is the difference between portrait and landscape?

    Will my mat be made Portrait or Landscape? Landscape or Portrait refers to the the orientation of the mat. A standard doormat shape is a landscape  orientation, where the distance from right to left across the doorway is the longest edge. Of course, if your mat is plain, it doesn't matter! You can simply turn […]
  8. Home and Garden DIY

    The darling buds of May are finally starting to bloom. Now is the perfect opportunity for some Spring home and garden DIY. With this week being National Gardening Week as well as the lead up to May Day Bank Holiday, home and garden DIY is likely to be on many people’s agendas. Top Jobs: Home […]
  9. Spring Cleaning Top Tips

    Now the sun is finally making an appearance, it’s the perfect opportunity for blitzing your home to make time for enjoying warmer days outdoors. Our Spring Cleaning Top Tips are a great place to start. Traditionally, Spring is the time of year when windows and doors can be opened without a chill to let in […]
  10. How to Make a Matwell

    How to Make a Matwell
    It’s officially Spring, so officially DIY season. Hence we thought it’s a good time to explore one of the most commonly asked questions by our customers – How to Make a Matwell?   What is a Matwell? Quite simply, a matwell is a hole (or recess, to be more technical!) in your flooring around your […]

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