We explain how to care for Machine Washable Doormats

Washable Doormats are ideal because as we all know, the British winter is full of bad weather and your doormat takes the brunt of this. There are machine washable doormats out there. However, not all doormats can be cleaned in this way, and saturating them may damage them. This blog will let you know if your doormat is machine washable and some washable doormat options.

Our All Weather and Carpet Textile Washable Doormats

Our ‘All Weather’ and ‘Carpet Textile’ Doormats are both machine washable at 30oC. These mats are made with a suitable synthetic scraper/ carpet pile and anti-slip nitrile backing. This therefore makes them extremely hard wearing and easy to maintain.

Hug Rugs

As a proud Hug Rug stockist we know what great products they are. As well as being eco friendly, durable and have a lengthy guarantee, they are machine washable at 30oC. Please make sure to double check the packaging on your product for care and maintenance instructions.

Coconut Coir Matting

PVC backed or not, matting made from natural coir (coconut) fibers cannot be machine washed. This is because saturating the coir fibers causes them to begin to degrade. As a result, saturating by hosing down outside to clean is also not recommended when cleaning coir matting. Instead let dirt dry and then brush it off using a stiff bristled brush. We recommend this rather than vacuuming which can pull out the fibers. With coir being a natural material, solvents are also advised against when cleaning because they damage the fibers.

Synthetic Coir Alternatives

There are a variety of synthetic coir alternatives that have the appearance or texture of natural coir matting. These types of matting are easier to clean as they can be saturated with moisture by hosing down for example when cleaning. Alternatively, they are easily vacuumed with no negative impacts. However, due to the PVC backing these mats cannot be machine washed. In our range this includes our Outdoor Synthetic Scraper, Outdoor Man Made Scraper, Soft Man Made Coir and Absorbent Scraper Man Made Coir, along with our range of personalised engraved doormats.

Rubber Doormats

Rubber Doormats are the perfect hard wearing outdoor doormat. As well as this they are easy to clean and maintain. Simply hose or wash down in situ outside. There is no need to machine wash, but these mats are also unsuitable for machine washing.

If you have any further questions about machine washable doormats, please Contact Us. We’d love to help!

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