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  • Are All Mats Made in the UK?

    Are All Mats Made in the UK?


    "So, are all mats made in the UK?" This is one of the most frequently asked questions of all.

    Coconuts Palms in Kerala, Southern India Coconuts Palms in Kerala, Southern India


    As you know, most of our doormats are made from Coir Fibre, which is a by-product of coconut production.

    The fibrous outer husk around the outside of what we recognize as the rough brown coconut shell is soaked, teased, and spun into a coarse yarn which in turn becomes the tufts of many of the coconut doormats we sell.

    The UK is not renowned for its coconut groves.

    They are grown all over the world but not in the UK. The main parts of the world for coir production for use in doormats are in Southern India and Sri Lanka.

    So how do we make doormats in the UK?


    Many of the mats we sell are indeed made right here in the UK with raw materials from overseas, but others are specially produced for us in other countries, including India, Sri Lanka, Italy, USA and The Netherlands.

    Where are our mats made?


    Many of the mats we sell are made right here in the UK, but others are specially produced for us in other countries, including India, Sri Lanka, Italy, USA and The Netherlands. We choose our supply partners very carefully to ensure a quality product and ethical, responsible supply chain.

    Coir for our doormats comes from waste coconut husk Coir for our doormats comes from waste coconut husk

    Hand Stitched Coir Mats


    Our traditional made to measure hand stitched mats are made here in Lincoln, UK, in our custom matting workshop. Our partners in India and Sri Lanka make giant rolls of woven backed coir for us which then travels to us in containers by sea freight.  Here in Lincoln we use traditional mat making skills that have been in our family for generations to turn these giant rolls into individual bespoke doormats made to the exact size that you specify.

    See them here.

    Ready-Made Coir Mats


    The same factories that produce our giant rolls also made individual doormats for us from the same high-quality coir fibre we use in our bespoke products.

    These standard sized mats are made on looms, either modern power looms or old-fashioned wooden hand looms. They are come in a range of sizes from the very small 60cm x 40cm to the huge 125cm x 75cm.

    These ready-made mats come from both India and Sri Lanka.

    See them here.

    PVC Backed Coir Matting


    Many of our customers order cut to size PVC backed coir matting. There is currently no manufacturer producing the large 2 metre x 12.5 metre rolls of this material here in the UK. Traditionally in Europe it is made in The Netherlands and Italy. There are also factories in both India and Sri Lanka making it too.

    Our Lincoln team hand stitch bespoke mats to order Our Lincoln team hand stitch bespoke mats to order

    We buy a lot of these rolls, because we stock all the grades, colours and thicknesses available. We import them to the UK and then your order is hand-cut to your specified size in the UK in one of our workshops.

    See it here.

    Printed Doormats


    We have a wide range of printed doormats, these come from various countries including India, Sri Lanka and Italy. However, the coconut fibre for most of them originates in either India or Sri Lanka.

    See them here.

    Washable Doormats


    We are very proud to stock Hug Rugs which are made here in the UK in a factory in Yorkshire. They use recycled materials such as plastic bottles, recycled commercial plastic and old t-shirts to make their beautiful range of highly absorbent washable doormats.

    In addition, our custom-made washable doormats are also made in the UK.

    See them here.

    Logo Mats


    We sell most types of logo mats for businesses, all of these except for the rubber ones which come from USA are made here in the UK.

    Traditional Coir Doormat - Hand Stitched in the UK Traditional Coir Doormat - Hand Stitched in the UK

    See them here.

    Slate & Wooden House Signs and Gifts


    Our slate and wooden signs and gift are made to order in a small workshop in Staffordshire. It is a skilled task. As a result, we do not just import blank signs and carve them. Our workshop makes the wooden signs individual from lengths of wood and bevels the edges. Therefore, we can offer a totally bespoke service as every part of the sign is made to order here in the UK.

    See them here.


    Get in touch:

    We hope that this has helped to make things a little clearer. However, if you still have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our customer colleagues who’ll be happy to help.

    Finally, follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date with all our product news.

  • Unique Christmas Gifts

    It is that time again already, red and white packaging starts to creep in, greeting cards at the counter, days are shorter and the gloves are on. It must be Christmas! At Make An Entrance, we aim to eliminate the gift buying stress with our Unique Christmas Gifts.

    Unless you know what someone wants, gift buying can be quite difficult. How do you chose a gift the receiver will actually like, use, and last? With personalisation, they are destined to love and cherish.

    Have a look for yourself…

    Personalised Wooden Stall - £79.99

    Gifts for Him & Her



    Personalised Bottle Opener - £32.99
    Hit the ale on the head with this  individually hand-made oak bottle opener engraved with the name of your recipient and their first initial. Made from Oak and finished with Danish Oil for a long lasting protective sheen. Made to order for you by artisans in our UK workshop.

    A beautifully made gift that will enhance any interior. Treat your loved ones to quality hand-made gifts. This will definitely come in handy over the festive period!







    Personalised Dog Lead Hanger - £29.99


    A present they will pawsitively treasure furever. An individually hand-made Oak Dog Lead Hanger engraved with the names of your furry friends and bearing the message "Let's Go For A Walk"

    Made from Oak with the option of 1 or 2 pegs and finished with Danish Oil for a long lasting protective sheen. Made to order for you by artisans in our UK workshop.

    A beautifully made gift that will enhance any interior. Treat your loved ones to quality hand-made gifts.








    Balancing Wine Bottle Holder - £24.99

    Be on Cloud Wine with this balancing wine bottle holder!

    This is destined to impress and become a talking point amongst guests. It’s even personalisable!

    Our hand-crafted personalised wine bottle holder makes the perfect gift. Expertly hand crafted from beautiful oak and sealed with Danish oil for a beautiful finish.









    Gin Slogan Slate Coasters - £24.99

    Gin-gle all the way to Christmas with this coaster set! These make the perfect gift for any Gin-thusiasts - we all know one!

    These coasters are expertly handcrafted on smooth slate to an exceptionally high quality.











    Personalised Slate Cheeseboard - £39.99

    Sweet dreams are made of cheese!

    This expertly hand crafted smooth slate cheese board can be personalised. Our slates are 8-10 mm thick and exceptionally high quality. To brie or not to brie?

    There's no Feta gift than this for a cheese lover! Cheese boards make a great table piece for any party.











     Gifts for Little Ones


    Personalised Stable Hooks - £32.99

    Keep the tack room tidy with this unique Christmas gift for your horse-mad friends.

    Beautiful hand-made personalised sign in solid oak with laser engraved lettering in your choice of typeface.

    The hooks are in the shape of a horseshoe and are practical as well as a very attractive addition to your tack room. Each sign is a one off, individually hand crafted by artisans to your exact requirements. The finished plaque is protected with Danish oil to give a lovely sheen.








    Personalised Wooden Stall - £79.99

    A beautiful hand crafted gift that your recipient is sure to treasure for years, it makes an ideal foot stool for adults too!

    Each stool is individually hand turned in natural beech and then deep carved with your choice of personalisation.

    Your recipients name in larger lettering and a second line of smaller text, which may be used for a date or special message.

    As beech is a natural material every single stool will be unique. Our artisans treat the wood with care to bring our the natural grain and protect it for years to come. A hard wearing beautiful addition to any child's room.












    View the rest of the Unique Christmas Gifts by clicking HERE








  • The Original Eco Doormat

    Our handmade traditional coir mats are the original plastic free Eco Doormat.

    100% Coir Doormats are the best eco doormats available. 100% Coir Doormats are the best eco doormats available.

    As coir is a totally natural material, from the outer husks of coconut shells, it is biodegradable. In the past, people would use their doormats until they wore out. Then they could be thrown onto the compost heap where they would break down to nourish the garden leaving no waste behind. The perfect eco doormat solution.


    Woven Coir Matting Made To The Size You Need. Bespoke hand stitched 100% coir doormat

    These days doormats have moved on and now come in many different types and materials including photo personalised mats, cut to size coir matting off the roll and washable synthetic doormats too.

    All of these products have a lot to recommend them, they are highly practical and long lasting. However, as we all become more conscious of our impact on the world around us, perhaps it’s worth revisiting the methods of days gone by. If an eco doormat is your aim then go for a traditional coir doormat that’s totally plastic free.

    Well to help you out our 100% coir eco doormat range is second to non. Our standard woven backed off shelf 100% coir doormats come in a range of sizes, thicknesses and qualities. Such as our Traditional Hand Loom Coir Doormats. Made from the same great hard wearing material that is used for our Hand Stitched Coir Mats the only difference, they are not finished by hand here in the UK.

    100% Coir Door Mat. Eco Doormat Tradtional Hand Loom Standard Door Mat




    We have 5 standard sizes available for you to choose from all 100%Coir with a woven back and finished edges. Meaning it is also eco-friendly and biodegradable when you are finished with it.

    But for something really special we offer a bespoke service where we make the mat to the size and shape you need. All stitched by hand here in the UK, The truly bespoke eco doormat.

    Every little bit helps when thinking about our impact on the world around us. Take your own coffee cup, refuse a plastic straw, buy a long lasting coir doormat.

  • Bank Holiday Offer

    Bank Holiday Offer Any PVC Backed Coir

    As the final bank holiday of the year approaches maybe it is time to have a think about refreshing your doormat before the autumnal weather sets in for good.

    Enter our PVC Backed Coir Matting.

    All of our coir is cut to the size that you need so there is minimal wastage. It is all cut here in our UK workshops.

    To make sure there is a PVC Backed Coir Matting to meet your needs we have all the Grades and all the thicknesses that is available anywhere in UK. We even have the thinnest!

    But how do I know which of the three grades of PVC Backed Coir will best suit my purpose? Here is our brief rundown on the three options:

    Budget Coir Matting- When wanting to keep the costs down.

    Superior Coir Matting- The best mat to use in homes.

    Heavy Duty Commercial Grade- Commercial properties or when only the best will do.
    Coloured Coir Matting- Wanting to match your décor or give your entrance a colourful pop.

    Also this Bank Holiday Weekend if you 

    spend £50 get £5 off just use the code PVC5
    spend £100 get £10 off just use the code PVC10
    spend £150 get £15 off off just use the code PVC15
    spend £200 get £20 off just use the code PVC20

    Take a look now!

    Offer ends Friday 30th August.

    We hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend.

  • Design Your Own Mat Competition

    Design Your Own Mat Competition

    Calling all frazzled parents. If you are stuck for entertainment ideas for your little darlings this summer, why not get them to enter our Design Your Own Mat competition?

    design your own mat competition Ideal activity to get the children away from their screens!

    The competition is running throughout August and we welcome as many entries as you like.

    We will make the lucky winner's design into one of our fabulous washable doormats. If you win you'll be able to choose whether you'd prefer a mat for indoor or outdoor use.

    You can see some lovely examples of previous winning designs in the images on this page.

    design your own mat summer competition Both of these designs were previous competition winners

    How to Enter|:

    Grab your pens and pencils and get as creative and colourful as you like.

    Please use a plain sheet of A4 paper. It doesn't matter if the design is portrait or landscape. However, the prize is a 75 x 45cm mat which usually works betters landscape.

    Then, send your designs to us via Facebook Messenger or email them to us at help@makeanentrance.com by 1st September 2019.

    Most importantly, don't forget to follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with competition progress. We post all our news and offers there so you won't miss out.

    Enter our design your own doormat competition Enter as many times as you like.

    We're here to help:

    Make An Entrance is a family run company and we pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service. We do the job right first time.

    Finally, if you have any questions or would like to place an order by phone, we're here Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm to take your call on 020 8819 5869.

    Stay up to date with our latest news and offers by following us on Facebook or Linked In. We also have an email newsletter (about once a month) featuring our latest offers and new products to our range. Sign up for it here to be the first to know our news.

  • Easter Indoor Outdoor Door Mat

    With Easter only being a week away it is a great time for families to get together; as there are Easter Eggs to be hunted and roasts to be eaten.

    However, as we wait for the weather to warm your gardens might still be slightly muddy. But that will not put off the intrepid hunters and huntresses searching for their chocolate. With all the extra feet running around the garden that does mean it will be much more muddy than normal. And of course you don’t want mud being trampled back in!

    So this Easter, to ensure you have full home protection, we are giving you 2 80cm x 50cm mats an indoor and an outdoor mat both for £49.99 saving over £10. Your outdoor mat is our Outdoor Man Made Coir, it has a hard scraping action to help remove any dirt or stones stuck to shoes before anyone steps over the threshold. They will then step indoors onto a Cotton Washable Door Mat that is great at removing any excess moisture.

    Both mats are available in different colours so not only do they help your home stay clean throughout all the Easter madness, they can match your décor too.

    Take a look here

  • Traditional Hand Loom Coir Doormat

    We have had some sun and warmth so far, but even though the weather is regressing slightly the daffodils are starting to flower which can only mean Spring.

    Unfortunately, that also does mean starting to look ahead for the annual spring clean and house refresh.

    Well, to help you out we have recently added a new range of standard size coir mats, our Traditional Hand Loom Coir Doormat.

    Made from the same great hard wearing material that is used for our Hand Stitched Coir Mats the only difference, they are not finished by hand here in the UK.

    We have 5 standard sizes available for you to choose from all 100% Coir with a woven back and finished edges. Meaning it is also eco-friendly and biodegradable when you are finished with it.

    To get you started this weekend if you use code HANDLOOM it will give you 10% off our new range of Traditional Hand Loom Coir Doormats. Running until Tuesday 12th March.

    So, get the same great quality doormat without the wait.

    Take a look now.

  • Runner Mats

    We have been busy this week adding some new Runner Mats to the website.

    Checked Runner Mats and Modern Runner Mats.

    Checked Runner Mats
    Modern Runner MAats Modern Runner Mats

    These both come in a variety of sizes, to ensure you will get the best mat to protect your floors.

    In a range of colours from slightly quirky with a highlight of colour to enhance the appearance of the mat to a modern design for a modern lifestyle.

    All of these mats have slip resistant and are fully machine washable at 30oC to keep them looking fresh after all the drip and spills.

    Practical and hard wearing they are the perfect accompaniment to any home.

  • Mother's Day Gifts

    Mother's Day Gifts Slate CoasterWith Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday being nearly a month away, it’s time to start looking forward to the Mother's Day Gifts you will be giving this year.

    This year instead of rushing last minute to get the generic bunch of flowers that everyone buys why not go for something different?

    We have a range of Slogan Coasters to suit every Gin, Prosecco, Wine, Tea and/or Coffee lovers. They come in a set of 4 and you can choose which slogans you would like. 1 of the same or 4 different ones.

    Also, if your mother likes tea, wine, gin and prosecco you can create your own coaster pack. So there is nothing for you to loose.

    All coasters are handmade in the UK on the highest quality slate!

    Take a look now!

  • Custom House Signs: Case Study

    Case Study: Custom House Signs – New Wood Oak Sign plus Renovation Job

    Making custom house signs means every job is different and sometimes we need to change how we work to help out our customers.

    One of our longest standing customers has recently built an annexe to their property and needed our help. They wanted us to make a new oak house sign to match their original one. As their first sign was made many years ago, it looked rather tired.


    Oak House Sign - BEFORE Renovation Tired and Weathered, this is how the original sign looked before we worked our magic.


    It had been on a north facing wall in the north of England, and had had to withstand quite a bit of weathering. The original wooden sign was carved in oak and well protected with oil but was now in need of some TLC.

    After discussing our customer’s needs we decided to hand paint the lettering on the new sign black. This would make the sign easier to read from the road. Our plan was to renovate the old sign to match.

    A tough ask.

    Once we received the original house sign back we were doubtful we’d be able to make the old sign look as good as new. We said we’d do our best but discussed options with the client. We were worried  we might not be able to bring the old wooden sign back to a presentable condition.

    A stunning result.

    We needn’t have worried. Once our workshop team had performed their magic,  it was impossible to tell which of the custom house signs was old and which was the new sign.

    Pair of House Signs in Wood Smallholding U is the original sign and Samsara the new one made to match 5 years after the first

    The original made to order sign was sanded down, the lettering painted and coated with several layers of protective oil. The new sign was made to match exactly many years later. Even though the client couldn’t remember the typeface, we were able to retrieve all the details of their original order some 5 years ago and make the new sign a perfect match.

    We are absolutely delighted with the result and our client is too. 

    Custom House Signs: Quality Materials and Methods.

    When you work with quality materials such as oak, and do everything properly without cutting any corners these are the results you can expect.

    When you order a sign from us, we start out with a plain plank of wood. We cut this to the appropriate and size and make it into your sign. We create your bespoke design using traditional wood-working techniques and up to the minute carving machinery.

    Made to Order House Signs Concealed Fixing Holes Our craftsmanship extends to the parts you can't even see!

    Skilled woodworkers carry out every single part of the process. They lovingly create each sign as an individual masterpiece.

    We even take care over the back of the signs, the part that no-one will see. Just take a look at the how neatly our concealed fixing holes are carved.

    Get in touch.

    If you are considering made to order house signs, give us a call (020 8819 5869) or send in an enquiry form.

    Our team love to help out however we can. If your idea is possible we will find a way to make it for you.

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