1. Coloured Coir Matting

    Coloured Coir Matting At Make An Entrance we are always expanding our range of coloured coir matting. Coloured coir is perfect if you love the quality and feel of traditional coir matting, but want a doormat to match your décor or as a feature piece. With a huge range of colours available, there’s something for […]
  2. Hand Made Christmas Gifts

    Hand Made Christmas Gifts Hand made Christmas gifts never fail in providing the recipient with a warm feeling of the effort that you’ve gone to get them something special. For any of these products, make sure to order before 10th December for Christmas Delivery. Slate Coasters and Cheese Boards Christmas is the time of overindulgence! […]
  3. 5 Personalised Doormat Ideas For Your Home

    5 Personalised Doormat Ideas For Your Home Having a personalised doormat for your home is a way of creating a unique feature entrance. Wow your guests and enhance your décor this Autumn. Create Your Own Doormat A “Create Your Own” doormat product is perfect if you have a design in mind for your mat and […]
  4. Our New Personalised Indoor Carpet Doormat Range

    Everything you need to know about our Personalised Indoor Carpet Doormat Range We love our Personalised Indoor Carpet Doormat because of its range of possibilities. With a 72 colour spectrum and photorealism available, our Personalised Indoor Doormat Range are the best quality printed doormats available. Gone are the days of muddy footprints running through your […]
  5. Personalised Outdoor Doormats

    Learn about our Personalised Outdoor Doormats and their impressive versatility Personalised Outdoor Doormats are loved by our customers because of the range of options. With a 72 colours and even photorealism available, our Personalised Doormat Range has a product to fit into every home or business. As extremely hard wearing products, they offer a long […]
  6. Easter Bank Holiday Offer

    Easter Bank Holiday Offer Easter Bank Holiday is upon us, and with it the beginning of home improvement season! If you’re thinking of making some changes at home and upgrading your doormat, now's the time. Take advantage of our Easter Weekend offer. Only available Wednesday 31/03-Monday 5/04. We are offering £5 off a £50+ order […]
  7. What is a Traditional Coir Doormat?

    Traditional Coir Doormat Making in UK History Traditional Coir Doormat making has been going on in the UK for hundreds of years. Coir was first introduced to the UK in the mid 1800’s from India for use in doormats and flooring products. After that, coir became common place in many homes because of its scraping and […]
  8. We’re celebrating the first Made in UK Day on 9 March 2021

    As the appetite to shop locally and support local businesses grows, we’re taking part in the first-ever Made in UK Day on Tuesday 9 March 2021. Make it British has created the Made in UK Day campaign to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. What is Make It British? Ex-retail buyer Kate Hills started the Make […]
  9. Are All Mats Made in the UK?

    "So, are all mats made in the UK?" This is one of the most frequently asked questions of all. As you know, most of our doormats are made from Coir Fibre, which is a by-product of coconut production. The fibrous outer husk around the outside of what we recognize as the rough brown coconut shell […]
  10. Unique Christmas Gifts

    It is that time again already, red and white packaging starts to creep in, greeting cards at the counter, days are shorter and the gloves are on. It must be Christmas! At Make An Entrance, we aim to eliminate the gift buying stress with our Unique Christmas Gifts. Unless you know what someone wants, gift […]

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