We have had some sun and warmth so far, but even though the weather is regressing slightly the daffodils are starting to flower which can only mean Spring.

Unfortunately, that also does mean starting to look ahead for the annual spring clean and house refresh.

Well, to help you out we have recently added a new range of standard size coir mats, our Traditional Hand Loom Coir Doormat.

Made from the same great hard wearing material that is used for our Hand Stitched Coir Mats the only difference, they are not finished by hand here in the UK.

We have 5 standard sizes available for you to choose from all 100% Coir with a woven back and finished edges. Meaning it is also eco-friendly and biodegradable when you are finished with it.

To get you started this weekend if you use code HANDLOOM it will give you 10% off our new range of Traditional Hand Loom Coir Doormats. Running until Tuesday 12th March.

So, get the same great quality doormat without the wait.

Take a look now.

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