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Which mat?

  • Getting Ready for Winter – Protecting your floors


    The nights are drawing in which is a sure sign winter is fast approaching. Flip-flops by the door will be replaced by the fluffy winter boot and with them the inevitable muddy footprints!

    Getting Ready for Winter


    Here at Make An Entrance we love the great outdoors whatever the season! However we also know that you don’t necessarily want it being brought back into your home in the form of muddy wet marks on your floors!

    So far we have been blessed with some great Autumn Sunshine and mild temperatures. Now is a great time to start thinking about getting the much needed protection in place for your floors before the weather really starts to turn!

    So what is our winter protection advice as your local doormat experts? - A Duo Doormat Set!


    We believe you can’t beat a duo doormat set to provide the best protection for your floors. Firstly a hardwearing outdoor mat for scraping away debris such as a synthetic scaper mat or woven backed coir mat. This will get the worse of the dirt off of those wet muddy boots.


    Follow this up with an absorbent mat indoors to soak up any remaining dirt and moisture and you have the best possible combination of mats to protect those floors. If you want an indoor mat that can be kept looking fresh all winter our machine washable door mats are a great choice.


    Doormat Sets - Functional Outdoor Scraper Mat paired with Indoor Washable Cotton Mat


    We have put together a range of doormat sets that follow this advice and may save you time having to search for your own combination!

    So now you can go outside and have as much fun in the wintertime as we do without worrying about those muddy footprints!


    Getting Ready for Winter


  • Our Doormat Size Guide!

    This doormat size guide blog article is designed to help answer our customer's questions about our standard doormats.


    Doormat Size Guide

    Customer's often ask for a ‘standard sized doormat’.  This can be tricky one to respond to as people’s perspectives of a standard size can vary somewhat!

    However did you know that the official ‘Standard’ UK size mat is approximately 75cm x 45cm? This is why nearly all of our standard plain or personalised door mats are available in these dimensions!

    In fact our Standard Doormat Sizes are made up of around 9 different sized mats and almost as many thicknesses! From Extra Small when space is an issue  to XXXX Large which are perfect for Double Doors.

    Doormat Size Guide

    Our expert advice on choosing which standard size doormat to go for is always to get the largest mat that will fit comfortably in the space. This is because the more steps people take on your doormat the more dirt is captured. A large mat has the added benefit of being an area where visitors can stand to their remove shoes.

    However one thing to be considered when purchasing ‘off the shelf’ standard sized doormats is that they can actually vary by a couple of centimetres either way. If exact dimensions are required it may be better to go for a made to measure product

    Doormat Size Guide - Thickness


    The other important thing to consider in choosing the correct size doormat is the thickness required.

    Doormat Size Guide


    Clearance is the key on this one! You would be surprised at how many customers order a luxuriously thick doormat only to find the front door won’t open over it! Our customer service staff will all tell you please don’t forget to measure clearance if a door opens over your mat!

    People also often mistakenly think that with a natural coir mat the thicker the mat the better the quality. This simply isn’t true! The quality of a coir mat depends on the density of the weave not the thickness. A thinner more densely woven mat can often be more hardwearing and have a more effective scraper action than a thick mat.

  • Doormat with house number or name

    Are you looking to give your entrance a more personal feel? How about a doormat with house number or name on it! We have a number of options for inside or outside use!


    Doormat with house number

    Outdoor doormat with house number or address


    Our address personalized outdoor/indoor doormat is customised with your house number and street name on our hard wearing synthetic coir scraper mat. As it is made from a durable nylon blend fibre that will not rot and is UV resistant this mat is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is fully washable so it will keep its good looks for a long time and is only 8-10mm thick so ideal if you don’t have much clearance under your door.

    Not only will this encourage people to wipe their feet before they come in, an outdoor doormat with house number or address can help your visitor’s know they are at the right door – not to mention those poor delivery drivers!!


    Indoor doormat with house number or address


    If you are looking for a more traditional or natural doormat with house number and street name for use indoors then why not take a look at our coir Personalised Address Door Mat. These are produced with our laser engraving technique, which gives a more subtle contrast than some of our printed mats. The laser uses heat to change the colour of the fibres to a darker brown, they are not printed with ink, or sprayed with paint so the design will last.

    Doormat with house numberCan't decide whether to go for an outdoor or indoor mat? Take a look at our Personalised Doormat Set! You could put your house number or name on the outdoor mat to let people know they are in the right place combined with a more personal welcome message inside!


    As well as being a great addition to your own home, a personalised address doormat makes a brilliant house warming gift or wedding present!


  • PVC Backed Coir Matting – Everything you need to know!

    Our PVC Backed Coir matting is available in three difference grades and in up to 4 thicknesses. So how do you know which quality and thickness you need?

    PVC Backed Coir

    All coir matting is not the same! It may all be made from coconuts, but there can be vast quality differences in coir matting. As doormat specialists we stock all of the grades at Make An Entrance. We are here to help you understand the differences and therefore choose the correct quality or grade for your purposes.

    So what are the main differences in the different grades and quality?


    Luxury and commercial grade coir matting has more fibres per metre than the budget grade products. This results in a denser pile, more uniform colour and less shedding - ultimately the luxury and commercial grade products will last longer too.  So how do I know which of the three grades of PVC Backed Coir will best suit my purpose? Here is our brief rundown on the three options:

    Commercial / Heavy Duty Grade - For commercial use and when only the best will do.

    Our Heavy Duty Commercial Grade PVC Backed Coir is The highest quality cut to size coir matting on the market. This is the material we supply to hotels, restaurants and other businesses. The bristles are packed tightly together to give a very firm brushing action and the colour is uniform. Minimal (if any) shedding after the first 2 weeks. This is also our recommended grade when it comes to ease of wheelchair accessibility.

    Available in 17mm, 20mm, and 24mm thicknesses

    Superior Grade - Ideal choice for home use.

    Our Superior PVC Backed cut to size coir matting is a dense surface and uniform colour which looks very smart. Some shedding is normal with any coir matting but with our superior grade matting this dies down quickly. A noticeably superior grade product.

    Available in 17mm, 20mm, 24mm and 30mm thicknesses.

    Budget Grade - Choose this when cost is the main concern.

    A lower cost option than our superior product, our Budget PVC Backed cut to size coir matting still has an excellent brushing action and is effective at removing dirt.

    It does not have a uniform colour, it will shed more and won't last as long as our superior and commercial grades of coir but is ideal when price is the deciding factor.

    Available in 15mm or 17mm thicknesses.

    PVC Backed Coir

    What thickness of PVC Backed Coir do I need?


    The answer to this question is entirely dependent on the depth of your mat well or recess into which the PVC Backed Coir is being laid. Ideally we recommend that the coir mat is flush with the surrounding floor to avoid any possible trip hazard. Often people make the assumption that the depth is related to the quality or durability of the coir and that the thicker the better. This is not true, the durability and quality is all to do with the density of coir and weave as explained above!

    Where can I use Cut to Size PVC Backed Coir?


    The short answer is really it is best used in an internal mat well or recess. Why? Because cut to size PVC Backed Coir has an unfinished edge which is designed to be protected by the edge of a mat well or recess to avoid fraying.

    The reason it is best for use internally is that the PVC backing does not allow moisture to drain quite like a woven back so for an external mat that is likely to get rained on directly the mat will not dry out properly which can cause it to perish. This is especially important if you choose one of our Premium Grade Coloured Coir options. Exposing it to the elements will cause the dye used to fade and the natural coir colour will soon reappear.

    Still have questions about PVC Backed Coir? Why not give us a call!

  • Underfloor heating compatible door mats? What do I need to know?

    A common query we get asked in customer services is whether we sell underfloor heating compatible door mats. The answer is yes and we are more than happy to help you find the right doormat to work with your system.
    If you have under floor heating you’ll already be familiar with having to give consideration to your heating when choosing floor coverings and your doormat should be no exception. Mats with PVC and rubber backings are not suitable for use with under floor heating as the warmth can cause the matting to stick to the floor.

    Underfloor Heating Compatible Door Mats

    Our woven backed mats are the ideal solution for use with underfloor heating and are available in a range of standard sizes and thicknesses as well as our Made to Measure Traditional Doormat made to your exact size and shape specifications. We can even personalise your mat with a motif or lettering and for awkward shaped areas can work to a template so you can be sure of an exact fit.

    Underfloor Heating Compatible Door Mats

    Underfloor Heating Compatible Door Mats for a mat well

    If you have a shallow mat well within a floor that has underfloor heating then our Ultra Thin Synthetic Coir (Weave Pile) is ideal. With a heat resistant backing, this product is ideal for use with underfloor heating. It is also a little softer under foot due to it's more looped pile rather than a bristle pile. The backing is made from recycled rubber making, and as the synthetic fibre is very stain resistant, you are likely to be able to keep the same mat for a long time, making this an eco-friendly choice in terms of longevity.

    Underfloor Heating Compatible Door Mats


  • Which Doormat is Best? We're Here to Help!

    We are asked which doormat is best time and time again by our customers. With us stocking such a wide range of types, sizes and materials, it’s not always a straight forward question. The answer is frustratingly ‘It depends’! On what? Whether it is for indoors or outdoors. Is it going into a recess or mat well? If loose laid on the floor, is there a door opening over it? That is before the simple choice of style preference! Fortunately our customer service staff are here to help if it all gets too much!

    which doormat is best1

    So how do you choose which doormat is best for your purposes? Well you could always take a look at our helpful advice page How to Choose the Right Doormat.

    Which doormat is best for a mat well?

    From our perspective here at Make An Entrance, assuming your mat well is a depth of 17mm or more you just can’t beat Natural Coir. Our wide range of PVC Backed Coir Cut to Size  means that we almost certainly have a product to suit any internal mat well. From a quality perspective our Superior PVC Backed Cut to Size Coir is perfect for households and small offices alike but we also get asked which doormat is best for those commercial properties with a very high footfall. Then we would suggest our Heavy Duty Commercial Grade PVC Backed Coir Matting it just doesn’t get any better or more hard wearing than this!

    However if you have a mat well that is very shallow then we would recommend our synthetic coir matting. It is extremely hardwearing, has a great scraping action and is only 12mm thick.

    which doormat is best2

    Which doormat is best for loose laying on top of a floor?

    The key to this is ensuring that you choose a doormat with a ‘finished edge’. For textile or synthetic mats ensure that they have a rubber border so that they don’t fray and aren’t a trip hazard.

    For a Natural Coir Doormat then any of our Standard Doormat Size range are suitable for loose laying on top of other flooring. If there is a door opening over it you just need to check the clearance though. You might like the luxury of a 40mm thick mat but if your clearance is only 20mm you are going to get somewhat frustrated every time you try and open the door! We have standard doormats in thicknesses from 15mm up to 50mm to suit.

    If it needs to be an exact size then it will be the Made to Measure Traditional Doormat that you will be after.

    Still confused about which doormat is best for your entrance? Why not give us a call, our cheerful customer service staff are always ready to offer a helping hand!

  • Doormat with rubber backing - What type?

    A lot of people enquire about having a doormat with rubber backing. When a textile or carpet mat is loose laid on top of flooring then it is a good idea to have rubber backing and rubber borders which prevents it from being a trip hazard. All of our machine washable textile doormats come with this as standard.

    Doormat with rubber backing

    But did you know that if you have a made to measure washable textile or carpet doormat with rubber backing you can also specify whether it is to sit on a carpet or hard floor? The rubber backing can come smooth for use on a hard floor or ‘cleated’ for use on carpets. This ensures that your mat is truly fit for purpose.

    A doormat with rubber backing doesn’t have to be boring anymore!  Our personalised synthetic coir scraper mats come with a rubber backing and border and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. (Outdoor option comes pre-punctured with drainage holes).

    Doormat with rubber backing

    Can I have a natural coir doormat with rubber backing?

    We also get a lot of enquiries about whether we sell a coir doormat with rubber backing. What most people mean is actually our PVC Backed Coir Matting so the answer is absolutely yes! This is a great product for use in internal mat wells or recesses as it is really easy to trim in situ for the perfect fit.

    Doormat with rubber backing

    Our PVC Backed Natural Coir matting is also available in a number of different colours and can even be printed on for a real personal touch! The one thing to remember with cut to size PVC backed coir is that it has an unfinished edge therefore isn’t really suitable for loose laying on top of other flooring.

    Where should I use a coir doormat with rubber backing?

    The short answer is simply indoors! This is because the rubber or PVC prevents the coir from drying out properly if it becomes saturated. This can result in a bubbling effect and reduce the lifespan of your mat considerably. If it is used in a area prone to damp then puncturing holes in the rubber or PVC backing can help but our recommendation is definitely to have a woven backed natural coir in this case.

  • How to choose a door mat for outside

    When choosing a door mat for outside you need something that can withstand the elements and still look good. Be it the strong summer sun and heat that we are currently experiencing to the wet and cold or freezing temperatures we had earlier in the year outdoor mats can take a battering! You want something that is hard wearing and weather resistant, but does that mean that a door mat for outside use can’t be stylish? Definitely not!

    Door Mat for Outside

    Unlike in times past there are a number of options now for a door mat for outside your front or back door. You could keep with the traditional Coir Door Mat which looks great with more period properties. The one thing to remember with this is to choose the right one. For use outside you need a coir mat with a woven back which allows for moisture to drain rather than a PVC or Rubber backed option. We have a variety of woven backed coir door mats. Our Made to Measure Traditional Doormat is perfect for those spaces where an exact size is required or if exact dimensions aren’t an issue you could take a look at our Coir Luxury Door Mats. We even have Double Door Mats for use with patio doors.

    Door Mat for Outside

    If traditional isn’t your thing then there are an increasing number of options. Best of all are our synthetic fibre or rubber mats as they will never rot not matter how wet they get. Gone are the days where it had to be a plain rubber door mat or scraper mat though. Our synthetic fibre doormats can be personalised with anything from a welcome message or address to being printed with your favourite photo!

    Why do I need a door mat for outside?

    We always recommend having a hardwearing door mat for outside for scraping away debris, followed by a more absorbent mat indoors to soak up any remaining dirt and moisture. This combination provides the ultimate protection for your internal flooring!

    With it being the school holidays and the weather being warm playing out in the garden is inevitable, but do you want the outside brought in? We know from experience that children, grass and sprinklers make for continuous sweeping inside! Investing in a door mat for outside can definitely help! You could even personalise it with a helpful reminder message for the smaller members of your household!

    Door Mat for Outside


  • How do I measure a mat well?

    Summer is a great time to be getting all those decorating tasks done during the longer days and warmer temperatures. It is also a great time to be thinking about replacing those old door mats. Best do it before the autumn and winter bring in the inevitable rain and muddy shoes! One question we often get asked by customers who are replacing  a mat that sits in a mat well is ‘ How do I measure a mat well ?’.

    How Do I Measure A Mat Well


    The first most important answer to this question is to measure the well and not any matting that is currently fitted. Your existing mat could measure significantly smaller than the well itself due to wear and tear.

    How Do I Measure A Mat Well


    Secondly it is important that you measure all four sides of the mat well; experience has taught us that quite often mat wells are not perfectly square, particularly in older properties! If you find that the opposite widths and/or lengths of the well are not equal, then for PVC Backed Matting the best option is to order the largest width and length dimensions. Our PVC Backed Matting can then be trimmed down in situ using a sharp Stanley/Craft knife and a straight edge. This is really easy to do and we have a fitting guide available for download here.

    When it comes to deciding on the thickness of the mat required you need to know the depth of your matwell. Most people aim for the matting to be flush with the surrounding flooring when installed into the well.

    How Do I Measure A Mat Well

    So, how do I measure a mat well depth?

    You need to measure from the base to the lip, most mat thicknesses are measured in mm so it’s a good idea to take the measurement of your mat well in this unit. If you have a very deep well, you can always put material like plywood underneath the mat to raise it up to the top. We have a range of thicknesses of mat ranging from 12mm right up to 45mm.

    But how do I measure a mat well that is an irregular shape? Do not panic! We can also do our Made to Measure Mats by working from a life size template…but that’s a whole new story!


  • What is the difference between portrait and landscape?

    Will my mat be made Portrait or Landscape?

    Landscape or Portrait refers to the the orientation of the mat. A standard doormat shape is a landscape  orientation, where the distance from right to left across the doorway is the longest edge.

    Of course, if your mat is plain, it doesn't matter! You can simply turn your mat to your desired orientation.

    However, when you have lettering or numbering, it is important we know which orientation you would like.

    Landscape Orientation

    Landscape Orientation Mat A standard doormat is usually used in a landscape orientation

    ‘Landscape’ is the most common orientation for a doormat, with the longest dimension going across the doorway. We make our doormats in this way as standard.

    Portrait Orientation

    Portrait Orientation Mat Turning the mat to a portrait orientation and ordering a larger size can help encourage people to wipe their feet, keeping your floors cleaner for longer.

    However, you may be looking for a ‘runner’ style mat, in which case ‘Portrait’ orientation is best.  This is a really good way to give to ensure that people who forget to wipe their feet still get their shoes well cleaned before they reach your floor coverings as they have had to take two or three steps across the mat.

    Some of our Personalised products have an option to choose the orientation, for these products we always use the orientation you have selected rather than the width and length dimensions to determine the location of the printing.

    Take a look at our range of Personalised Doormats that are all custom made to order. We can make them in a landscape or portrait orientation depending on your needs.

    See how Wikipedia explains Landscape and Portrait.

    Tell us what you'd like and we'll make it that way.

    All our mats are created ‘Landscape’, unless we are advised otherwise. If you would like the mat ‘Portrait’, then please write these instructions in the notes at checkout, or contact us.

    Take a look at our range

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