Coir Matting

  1. What Is A Coir Doormat?

    What Is A Coir Doormat?

    Have you considered getting a new doormat for your home? Or have you heard of coir but aren’t sure if it’s a wise investment? This blog will cover all things coir-related, so you can work out if it’s the right doormat for you. A coir mat is a type of doormat made from the husks […]

  2. What is Coconut Matting?

    What is Coconut Matting?

    In this blog, we’re going to show you why coconut matting is the perfect product for your home, look at its excellent properties and explore its many other commercial uses. Let’s get into it: What are Coconut Mats? Coconut matting, also known as coir matting, is a type of floor covering made from the natural […]

  3. Bell Tent Coir Matting - Jute Matting

    Are you searching for Jute Matting or Bell Tent Coir Matting? Customers often ask if we can supply them with matting for Bell Tents. Traditionally this is known as ‘Jute Matting’ and not something that we currently provide, although we do have a product that can help you. Read on for more info. Instead of jute, we […]

  4. Eco Large Door Mats Video

    Introducing Eco Large Door Mats: Our new Eco Large Door Mats are one of the products we are most proud of at Make An Entrance. Check out the video below to find out why: How  we make Eco Large Door Mats: We make these by hand on a traditional wooden hand loom in southern India. […]

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