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  1. Our Doormat Size Guide!

    Use our doormat size guide to find the best mat for your home. Our doormat size guide blog article will help to answer your questions about our standard doormats. Standard Doormat Sizes Customer's often ask for a ‘standard sized doormat’.  This can be tricky one to respond to as people’s perspectives of a standard size […]
  2. Custom Shaped Door Mat Made to a Template

    Custom Shaped Door Mat Awkward shaped mat well? Don’t worry; our workshop can create a Custom Shaped Door Mat made to your template. Made to a Drawing Many mat wells are not exactly square but sometimes they can present a real challenge. If your door mat has all 90 degree right angles like to the […]
  3. The Original Eco Doormat Video

    Our handmade traditional coir mats are the original plastic free Eco Doormat. In a world where progress marches ever on wards, sometimes it’s worth stopping for a moment to consider how things used to be done and see whether there’s something to be learnt from the time honoured methods of the past. Take doormats for […]

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