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  1. What Is A Coir Doormat?

    What Is A Coir Doormat?

    Have you considered getting a new doormat for your home? Or have you heard of coir but aren’t sure if it’s a wise investment? This blog will cover all things coir-related, so you can work out if it’s the right doormat for you. A coir mat is a type of doormat made from the husks […]

  2. Our Doormat Size Guide!

    Use our doormat size guide to find the best mat for your home. If you’re considering purchasing a doormat, you may be wondering what the best material is or which size would be best for your doorway. To help answer these questions, we’ve written an in-depth doormat size guide so that you can make an […]

  3. Custom Shaped Door Mat Made to a Template

    Custom Shaped Door Mat Awkward shaped mat well? Don’t worry; our workshop can create a Custom Shaped Door Mat made to your template. Made to a Drawing Many mat wells are not exactly square but sometimes they can present a real challenge. If your door mat has all 90 degree right angles like to the […]

  4. The Original Eco Doormat Video

    Our handmade traditional coir mats are the original plastic free Eco Doormat. In a world where progress marches ever on wards, sometimes it’s worth stopping for a moment to consider how things used to be done and see whether there’s something to be learnt from the time honoured methods of the past. Take doormats for […]

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