Use our doormat size guide to find the best mat for your home.

Our doormat size guide blog article will help to answer your questions about our standard doormats.

Our Doormat Size Guide

Standard Doormat Sizes

Customer's often ask for a ‘standard sized doormat’.  This can be tricky one to respond to as people’s perspectives of a standard size can vary somewhat!

However did you know that the official ‘Standard’ UK size mat is approximately 75cm x 45cm? This is why nearly all of our standard plain or personalised door mats  are available in these dimensions!

Our Standard Doormats are available in ten different sizes and five thicknesses! From Extra Small 60cm x 40cm, when space is an issue, to XL Patio 180cm x 45cm which are perfect for Patio Double Doors. We have a size to fit your needs.

What Size Should I Choose? 

Our expert advice on choosing which standard size doormat to go for is always to get the largest mat that will fit comfortably in the space. As a result, people will take more steps on the doormat, capturing more dirt. A large mat has the added benefit of being an area where visitors can stand to their remove shoes.

Our Doormat Size Guide. Sizes from small 60x40cm to XL Patio at 180x45cm. Call us on 020 8819 5869 for help.

However, consider when purchasing ‘off-the-shelf’ standard-sized doormats that they can actually vary by a couple of centimeters either way. If exact dimensions are required it may be better to go for a made to measure product.

Our Made To Measure Products

If you require a doormat with exact dimensions to fit a particular space or mat well/ recess, our Cut To Size Coir Matting or Made or Measure Doormats are for you. These different products make up a wide range of thicknesses to fit all door clearances. Also, made to your specified size. We even have our ever-expanding range of Personalised Doormats for adding a special customised touch to your home.

Doormat Size Guide - Thickness

Our Doormat Size Guide. Make Sure you have the clearance for your doormat to fit underneath your door.

Finally, consider the clearance under your door for how thick of a doormat you should purchase.

Clearance is the key on this one! You would be surprised at how many customers order a luxuriously thick doormat only to find the front door won’t open over it! Our customer service staff will all tell you please don’t forget to measure clearance if a door opens over your mat!

People also often mistakenly think that with a natural coir mat the thicker the mat the better the quality. This simply isn’t true! The quality of a coir mat depends on the density of the weave, not the thickness. A thinner more densely woven mat can often have a more effective scraper action than a thick mat.

Now you are armed with the knowledge of what size doormat to choose for your home, view our range of standard doormats here. We hope that our doormat size guide was helpful! If you need any further help with your doormat enquiry, our customer service team would love to help you. Call us on 020 8819 5869, or email us at