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PVC Backed Coir

  • Coir Matting Cut To Size

    Coir Matting Cut To Size

    Made To An Irregular Shape

    Awkward shaped mat well? Don’t worry; our craftsmen can create a Custom Shaped Door Mat made to your template from our Coir Matting Cut To Size.

    Many mat wells are not exactly square but sometimes they can present a real challenge. If the area you would like to fit a mat is an unusual shape, perhaps with several cut out sections or angles, then simply create a life size physical template. You can then get a custom shaped door mat made to your own specification made from our PVC Backed Coir Matting Cut To Size or Our Hand Stitched Traditional Coir Matting.

    How do I make a template?

    It’s a good idea to take the measurements first of all sides of the mat well or area as this way you can at least check the template is to scale before you start that first cut with the scissors. You could even use our PVC Backed Coir Matting Fitting Guide tactic and draw on the edge of your mat well in chalk first and then lay the paper on top to get the basic shape ‘printed’ on the paper.

    There’s no need to use special materials to make a template, thick paper (such as wall paper), a paper table cloth or plastic sheeting are all fine, and we’ve had lots of other types of material too! Just go back to your ‘Blue Peter’ or school days and get cutting and sticking!

    Once you have created the template we would recommend you check (and double check!) it is the perfect fit within your mat well, the last thing you want is a custom shaped door mat that doesn’t fit! This is especially important if you choose to have a traditional handstitched coir mat made to a template as you cannot trim them in situ for the perfect fit like you can with our PVC Backed Coir Matting Cut To Size.

    If you want your Custom Shaped Door Mat personalised further by having some wording or motif printed on it then that is also possible! The thing to remember in this case is to write on your template which edge is the ‘top’ so that any printing is done the right way up!

    Do I always have to create a life size template for a Custom Shaped Door Mat?

    Not if all the angles involved are perfectly 90 degrees, or even if it is a perfect ‘semi-circle’. In these cases you could draw a sketch, ensuring all sides and edge dimensions are labelled and send us this via email or post.

    If you are uncertain as to whether a sketch or life sized template is needed for your custom shaped door mat just get in touch!

  • PVC Backed Coir Matting

    Here at Make An Entrance we specialise in PVC Backed Coir Matting.

    All the grades all the thicknesses.

    Coir Matting All The Grades All The Thicknesses

    All of our Coir is cut to the size that you need so there is minimal wastage. It is all cut here in our UK workshops.

    To make sure there is a PVC Backed Coir Matting to meet your needs we have all the Grades and all the thicknesses that is available anywhere in UK. We even have the thinnest!

    But  how do I know which of the three grades of PVC Backed Coir will best suit my purpose? Here is our brief rundown on the three options:


    Budget Coir Matting- When wanting to keep the costs down.


    There is our Budget Coir or Cheap Coir Matting as we know Sometimes, when price is the overriding factor, cheap coir is what you'll need, it keeps the cost down and you will be able to afford to replace it a little bit more often.


    Superior Coir Matting- The best mat to use in homes.


    Our Superior PVC Backed cut to size coir matting is a dense surface and uniform colour which looks very smart. Some shedding is normal with any coir matting but with our superior grade matting this dies down quickly. A noticeably superior grade product. This matting comes in 14mm thick the thinnest available in the UK. Perfect for the traditional look for shallow mat wells.


    Heavy Duty Commercial Grade- Commercial properties or when only the best will do.


    Our Heavy Duty Commercial Grade PVC Backed Coir is The highest quality cut to size coir on the market. This is the material we supply to hotels, restaurants and other businesses. The bristles are packed tightly together to give a very firm brushing action and the colour is uniform. Heavy Duty Coir Matting is also DDA compliant, the perfect accompaniment to wheelchair access entrance.

    Coir Matting DDA Compliant Coir Matting

    Coloured Coir Matting- Wanting to match your décor or give your entrance a colourful pop.


    We have a range of coloured coir matting that can also cut to the size that you need for your mat well.

    From grey to red we will have something to suit your needs and colour scheme.

    Coloured Coir Matting Coloured Cut To Size Coir Matting

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