Dark Red Coir Matting in mat well

Our Dark Red Coir looks great in this mat well!

At Make An Entrance we are always expanding our range of coloured coir matting. Coloured coir is perfect if you love the quality and feel of traditional coir matting, but want a doormat to match your décor or as a feature piece. With a huge range of colours available, there’s something for everyone.

All of our coloured coir is available in a 17mm thickness. Black and Grey coir are also available in 23mm thicknesses for deeper mat wells as a Make An Entrance exclusive. However, we understand that not all mat wells are a standard thickness. We therefore suggest to simply put a piece of plywood in the bottom and sit your mat on top if the mat is too thin for your mat well. Ideally your mat should sit flush with the surrounding flooring.

Made To Measure

PVC backed coir has a uniform, dense pile which not only gives a neat finish, but creates a durable product. Unlike other PVC backed coir available online, we cut your matting to your exact specifications. Rather than the nearest m2 or ½ m2. No wastage and you just pay for what you need. Delivered ready to fit into your entrance.

There is also the option for the matting to be cut to an irregular shape at an additional cost. Our workshop love a challenge and have created some amazing shapes over the years to perfectly fit mat wells. If you do require an irregular shaped piece of coir matting, view our blog article for how to order.

Green Coir matting in mat well

This Green Coir Matting matches perfectly to the hallway décor.

Care and Maintenance

PVC backed coir is best when fit into an indoor mat well or recess. These mats have an unfinished edge and therefore benefit from the support of the sides of the mat well to prevent fraying at the edges. These mats can and are used free standing, it’s just not something that we recommend.

Make sure to keep your PVC backed coir indoors to prevent saturation and subsequent damage. Being a natural fiber, when coir fibers become very wet and cannot drain or dry off, they begin to rot. Care and fitting guides are sent out with all of our orders to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase.