Our experts give their advice on the best doormats for your home this autumn.

At Make An Entrance we know how important it is to have a reliable doormat for the colder, wetter months. We hope that this blog inspires you on ways to style your entrance this Autumn.

PVC Backed Coir

PVC Backed Coir is the perfect product for fitting into mat wells/ recesses.

Doormats For a Matwell/Recess

For a matwell/ recess, we recommend Cut to Size Coir Matting, or a Traditional Hand-Stitched Doormat. Made to the specific dimensions of your matwell for a snug fit. These doormats provide an authentic traditional look for your entranceway. Coconut Coir fibre is the superior natural material for entrance matting, providing a tough scraping action and moisture absorbance. This is especially important in the Autumn months to keep for flooring footprint free.

A Personalised Doormat is also an excellent choice for matwells when made without borders. Either trim the doormat to fit yourself, or have it done for you. With a personalised doormat, customise to fit your décor, with your family name or a message to greet guests.

Eco Friendly Doormats

At Make An Entrance we are always looking to reduce our impact on the environment. An Eco Friendly doormat does not have to be a compromise on quality or appearance. Traditional Hand Stitched doormats are made from 100% natural coconut coir and Jute string, making them completely biodegradable. A positive choice for both your entranceway and the environment. These doormats perfectly suit period homes, and are those that are found in National Trust properties.

Our Traditional Hand Stitched Doormats can be made in a range of thicknesses, to your required size

Traditional Hand Stitched Doormats are be made in a range of thicknesses, to your required size. 100% natural and eco friendly.

If you’d prefer a funky doormat design, a printed doormat can provide an eye catching talking point, while remaining an Eco Friendly option. These doormats are made from completely natural materials; coconut coir, jute string and water soluble ink. This makes this type of doormat completely biodegradable also, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice your eco values to have a beautiful doormat.

Personalised Doormats

A personalised doormat is the perfect way to create a unique home accessory or even gift for a friend. The options for such a doormat are endless; capturing a favourite family photograph memory, creating a design that perfectly matches your home décor, and even a doormat with your family name or home address but to name a few.

With the option to create personalised doormats specialised for indoor or outdoor use; a combination of an ‘All Weather’ outdoor mat with an absorbent carpet indoor mat therefore provides a dirt scraping and moisture absorbing duo that you can have made to your design. At Make An Entrance this is the combination that we’d recommend to keep muddy footprints off your floors and on your doormats. With the ability to launder these mats at a low heat to maintain appearance.

Seasonal Doormats

Our Personalised Doormats are 5mm thick, machine washable and made to measure

Personalised Doormats are 5mm thick, machine washable and made to measure.

If you’re a festive person, you’ve likely been planning for Halloween and Christmas and your decorations for months now. The time is almost here and what better accessory to add to your decorations than a festive seasonal doormat. Available in a wide variety of designs with various messaging, these mats are sure to get your guests in the mood for Halloween or Christmas as much as you are!

Rubber Doormats

An important consideration when purchasing a rubber mat is whether the rubber has been sourced ethically. It’s always great to can purchase a mat that has been made out of recycled rubber to help do your bit to reduce the impact on the environment. Rubber and coir combination mats can therefore provide a great eco-friendly doormat choice, with 100% natural coconut coir and recycled rubber.

Rubber doormats are an extremely hard wearing and easily maintained matting solution. As a result, you’ll be able to rely on them for years. Although they are extremely functional, that does not mean that you have to compromise on style, with a number of beautiful designs available.