Our Doormat Unit Converter will solve all your doormat size questions

For all of our doormats, we use centimeters for our units. However, we understand that you may have measured in different units. We have created this doormat unit converter blog so that you can convert your measurements in millimeters, meters, feet or inches, to the centimeters that you need.

Converting Feet and Inches to centimeters

We know that a lot of our customers like to work with Feet and Inches. This guide will help you convert to centimeters, needed for your order. We will use ‘cm’ to represent centimeters for this example.

1 Foot = 30.5cm

1 inch = 2.54cm

So if your doormat was 23 inches x 30 inches, it would be 58.4cm x 76.2cm. We calculate centimeters by multiplying the number of inches by 2.54 on a calculator. If your measurement is in feet, multiply the number of feet by 30.5 to get your centimeter measurement.

Converting Millimeters and Meters to Centimeters

We know that a lot of our customers also like to work with millimeters, or meters. This is easier to convert to centimeters than feet and inches. We will use ‘cm’ to represent centimeters, ‘mm’ to represent millimeters and ‘m’ to represent meters for this example.

1 mm = 0.1 cm. Therefore, 10mm = 1cm.

1 m = 100 cm

If your doormat measured 720mm x 1250mm, it would be 72cm x 125cm. We calculate this by taking the millimeter measurements and dividing them by 10.

If your doormat measured 1.75m x 1.50m, it would be 175cm x 150cm. This is calculated by taking the meter measurements, and multiplying the numbers by 100.

Feet and Inches Conversions Of Our Standard Doormat Sizes

As well as our cut to size and made to measure doormats, we have a range of standard sized doormats. These range from Small to XXXXL, with a size to fit every doorway, including Patio/ French doors. The measurements on our website are given in centimeters, but we have a feet and inches conversion for you.

Our Doormat Size Guide. Sizes from small 60x40cm to XL Patio at 180x45cm. Call us on 020 8819 5869 for help.

Our Standard Doormat Sizes In Centimeters.

Doormat Unit Converter - Our Standard Doormat Sizes Converted To Inches.

Our Standard Doormat Sizes Converted To Inches.

Other Useful Doormat Measuring Tips

Many smartphones now have a measuring tool on them. This allows you to measure the space for your doormat, and easily convert between units of measurement.

Make sure to provide us with the exact measurements you require. All of our cut to size or made to measure products are cut to your exact sizes with zero wastage.

We hope that our doormat unit converter is useful for you? You should now have everything that you need to convert your measurements, whatever the units, to centimeters. If you have any further questions Contact Us, and we’d be happy to help.

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