With Easter only being a week away it is a great time for families to get together; as there are Easter Eggs to be hunted and roasts to be eaten.

However, as we wait for the weather to warm your gardens might still be slightly muddy. But that will not put off the intrepid hunters and huntresses searching for their chocolate. With all the extra feet running around the garden that does mean it will be much more muddy than normal. And of course you don’t want mud being trampled back in!

So this Easter, to ensure you have full home protection, we are giving you 2 80cm x 50cm mats an indoor and an outdoor mat both for £49.99 saving over £10. Your outdoor mat is our Outdoor Man Made Coir, it has a hard scraping action to help remove any dirt or stones stuck to shoes before anyone steps over the threshold. They will then step indoors onto a Cotton Washable Door Mat that is great at removing any excess moisture.

Both mats are available in different colours so not only do they help your home stay clean throughout all the Easter madness, they can match your décor too.

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