Our handmade traditional coir mats are the original plastic free Eco Doormat.

100% Coir Doormats are the best eco doormats available.

100% Coir Doormats are the best eco doormats available.

As coir is a totally natural material, from the outer husks of coconut shells, it is biodegradable. In the past, people would use their doormats until they wore out. Then they could be thrown onto the compost heap where they would break down to nourish the garden leaving no waste behind. The perfect eco doormat solution.


Woven Coir Matting Made To The Size You Need.

Bespoke hand stitched 100% coir doormat

These days doormats have moved on and now come in many different types and materials including photo personalised mats, cut to size coir matting off the roll and washable synthetic doormats too.

All of these products have a lot to recommend them, they are highly practical and long lasting. However, as we all become more conscious of our impact on the world around us, perhaps it’s worth revisiting the methods of days gone by. If an eco doormat is your aim then go for a traditional coir doormat that’s totally plastic free.

Well to help you out our 100% coir eco doormat range is second to non. Our standard woven backed off shelf 100% coir doormats come in a range of sizes, thicknesses and qualities. Such as our Traditional Hand Loom Coir Doormats. Made from the same great hard wearing material that is used for our Hand Stitched Coir Mats the only difference, they are not finished by hand here in the UK.

100% Coir Door Mat. Eco Doormat

Tradtional Hand Loom Standard Door Mat




We have 5 standard sizes available for you to choose from all 100%Coir with a woven back and finished edges. Meaning it is also eco-friendly and biodegradable when you are finished with it.

But for something really special we offer a bespoke service where we make the mat to the size and shape you need. All stitched by hand here in the UK, The truly bespoke eco doormat.

Every little bit helps when thinking about our impact on the world around us. Take your own coffee cup, refuse a plastic straw, buy a long lasting coir doormat.