Traditional Coir Doormat Making in UK History

Traditional Coir Doormat-Heritage-Skill

A revitalised heritage skill.

Traditional Coir Doormat making has been going on in the UK for hundreds of years. Coir was first introduced to the UK in the mid 1800’s from India for use in doormats and flooring products. After that, coir became common place in many homes because of its scraping and absorbent capabilities.

How We Saved a Heritage Skill 

Our history at Make an Entrance's is deep rooted in the UK coir matting industry. Our family has been making mats for over 30 years. In fact, when many UK manufacturers stopped producing hand stitched traditional coir doormats, we vowed to continue this heritage skill. As a result, we now have an ever-growing team of workshop members continuing the tradition of producing bespoke traditional coir doormats. We also have an apprenticeship program and are always happy to hear from anyone looking to train.

Eco Friendly Products

At Make An Entrance we are conscious about limiting the impact of our products on the environment. Our Made to Measure Traditional Doormats are a completely natural product, made from nothing but coir coconut fibers and jute string. Subsequently, these doormats are 100% biodegradable. This means that, you can even compost them the end of their life!

Unusual Shapes and Sizes

We make every Traditional Coir Doormat bespoke to order. Each one is made to your specific sizes. We even make them to irregular shapes.  You can tell us your specific sizes and be sure to receive a mat to suit. Not all doorways are regular shapes and we can produce irregular shaped doormats to your template. This applies whether the mat will be for a matwell or free standing. To learn more about how we produce irregularly shaped doormats read our blog.

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