Advice from our experts on How To Cut Coir Matting at home

How to cut coir matting is a common question that people ask when buying from companies that don’t cut coir to an exact size. Or perhaps you need an irregular shaped doormat. However, at Make An Entrance all of our Cut To Size Products are cut to the specific size you need. We can also produce these products to an irregular shape for you too.

How To Cut Your Coir Mat

As per our care and fitting guide that is sent out with every order, you only need a few items to cut your coir matting. A sharp Stanley Knife, Tape measure, Straight Edge (metal ruler or straight piece of wood) and some chalk/ chalk pen.

  1. Turn the coir matting over to the backing side.
  2. Measure the width and length that you require your coir matting to be and mark with the chalk.
  3. Using the straight edge and Stanley knife, cut along the marks previously created for your length and width.
  4. Extra trimming may be required.
How to cut coir matting

PVC Backed Coir is the perfect product for fitting into mat wells/ recesses.

Fitting Your Coir Matting Into A Mat Well/ Recess

However, how to cut coir matting for a mat well/ recess is a slightly different process. You will require a sharp Stanley Knife, Straight edge (metal ruler or straight piece of wood) and some chalk/ chalk pen. These instructions will ensure you get the perfect fit.

  1. Lay the matting face up over the top of the mat well.
  2. Lift each side of the mat up and run the chalk along the edge or rim of the mat well, coating it thoroughly with chalk.
  3. Let the mat drop back onto the chalked edges to mark the vinyl / rubber backing with chalk.
  4. Lift the mat away from the well, turning it over and using the knife and a straight edge, cut just inside the chalk mark (about 1-2mm).
  5. The mat should drop straight back into the well.
  6. Extra trimming may be required.

Summing up, now you know everything you need to for how to cut coir matting. Whether that be to fit into your mat well/ recess, or cut to a specific size from a larger piece. If you need any further advice, please Contact Us. We’d be happy to help.

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