A common question for our customer service team is How Long Do Coir Mats Last?

Coir mats are hard wearing and durable. They are also extremely effective at scraping dirt and absorbing moisture from footwear. However, with coir being a natural material it needs to be correctly cared for and maintained to ensure its longevity.

The Quality Of The Coir Mat

There are varying different grades of coir mats depending on their quality. At Make An Entrance we determine this by the density of coir fibres that make up the pile. With a higher density of coir fibres per cm2 being better. As a result, our Heavy Duty PVC backed coir is our highest quality and most dense coir. This is followed by Superior and then Budget coir. The higher the grade of the coir chosen, the longer it will last. This is of course dependant on the footfall and how the mat is positioned and cared for.

Keeping Coir Mats Sheltered

Coir mats are best kept indoors or in a sheltered location. This so that the matting does not become completely saturated. With coir being a natural fibre, saturation and consistent exposure to the elements will cause the mat to begin to degrade. As a result, coir mats that are kept outside and exposed to the elements will not last as long as those kept sheltered and indoors.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Coir mats are best cleaned by leaving mud and wet dirt stains to dry, then removing with a stiff brush.
  • It is best to avoid vacuuming as this can pull out and unravel the coir pile.
  • As previously mentioned, saturating coir mats is something that decreases their longevity. This also applies when cleaning. An alternative to this would be to use a dry foam or cleaning powder for persistent stains.
  • Don’t use solvents when cleaning either as this will cause the PVC backing to expand. This will therefore cause damage to the coir fibres.

PVC Backed Coir Mats

Our PVC backed coir mats are cut to your desired size. Therefore they are not supplied with inherent borders, and ideally suited to be fitted into a mat well. If not fitted into a mat well, over time the exposed edges begin to splay outwards. When the mat is kept in a mat well, the edges of the well keep unfinished edges protected.

Footfall and Usage

If correctly used and looked after your coir mat should last for years. However, this ultimately comes down to the frequency or usage and footfall. For example, a busy shop front or office entrance gets a lot more footfall than a residential property. As a result, the same quality of coir mat will last longer in the residential property where there is less footfall.

We hope that this guide has helped you improve the longevity of your coir mat. If you have any further questions on doormat options, please Contact Us. We'd be happy to help!

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