Hints, Tips & How To Guides from the UK Doormat Experts

  1. NEW Photo Quality Doormats

    We are so excited to announce the launch of our new photo realistic doormats. Our new photo realistic mats are so life like. As they are printed onto a textured carpet it almost has the effect of turning your photo into a painting. The latest print technology means that these are now an affordable option and the possibilities are endless...
  2. How big should a doormat be?

    Large Doormats trap more dirt The simple answer is as large as possible. Ideally you want a mat big enough that people can enter the house, and close the door behind them whilst still standing on the mat. This means that for those that don’t bother to stop and wipe their feet, and pets and children, there is maximum...
  3. Are thicker mats better?

    For the firmest bristles go for a shorter pile! Not necessarily. Think about when you have your hair cut. Very short hair styles are very firm and bristly whereas in a longer style the hairs tend to lie flat. Doormats are the same. For a doormat with the firmest bristles, choose a shorter pile.

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