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Modern Edge Large Coir Doormat 35mm


What you need to know about our Modern Edge Large Coir Doormat 35mm:

  • Our Large Coir Doormats are a perfect addition to any home. Choose from a range of sizes with a 35mm thickness, perfect to keep muddy paws and footprints on the outside!

  • The 35mm thickness of these mats makes them a perfect clearance for most front and back doors.

  • Heavy duty and durable to provide tough scraping action, removing dirt and mud effectively.
  • These doormats are perfect for indoor and sheltered outdoor usage. With hard and durable coconut fibres and a latex edge
  • A perfect eco-friendly option to keep your house clean with a sleek modern appearance.
  • Our standard sized mats may vary in size by 2-3 centimetres than specified and 2-5mm in thickness. If you are looking for a mat to fit into a mat well you may be better choosing a made to measure mat so we can guarantee the exact size you have requested.

If you are unsure about the measurements of our standard size doormats, view our Doormat Size Guide.

Anti Slip Underlay - If your doormat is going to be placed onto hard flooring, we suggest purchasing Anti Slip Underlay for your doormat. This will help to prevent any slips, or your doormat moving when you don’t want it to.

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Further Information

Please note: Our Modern Edge Large Coir Doormats are made from 100% natural coir fibers and may shed lightly within the first few weeks. This is completely normal and is just the mat ‘settling in’. The quality of these mats means that they shed much less than other coconut matting.
We have been in the mat business for many years and have seen a lot of variations in quality.

Try to avoid pulling at the piles and excessive vacuuming.
During this period simply brush or shake the mat to maintain your mats best possible appearance.
If you do choose to use the mat in an uncovered outdoor location, and it becomes wet, simply lift it and allow it to drain and dry out from time to time to prolong its life.

If your Modern Edge Large Coir Doormat gets dirty, it’s no problem, simply wait for the dirt to dry and then remove it with a stiff brush.

As a 100% natural product, our Modern Edge Large Coir Doormats are biodegradable and thus a positive choice for both your home and the environment.
Our coir doormat range is best in class, if you have been struggling to find a large mat of the right quality, your search is over, you've come to the right place.

Size: 60cm x 40cm , 75cm x 50cm, 80cm x 50cm , 90cm x 55cm , 100cm x 60cm , 120cm x 60cm , 120cm x 75cm , 150cm x 45cm, 180cm x 45cm

Thickness: 35mm

Colour: Natural Coir

Product Code: PLAINLAT35

Area of use: Indoor, Outdoor (Sheltered / Covered Porch)

Underfloor Heating Compatible: Yes

Suitable for Mat Well?: No

Trim to Fit?: No

Irregular Shape Possible?: No

Made from: Coir

Backing: Woven Coir

Edging: Latex Modern Edge

Lead time: 1-2 Working Days

Our Modern Edge Large Coir Doormat 35mm will be despatched the next working day.

We send all our orders via DHL and you will receive a tracking email from us by 5pm on the day of despatch.
We ask that you provide a mobile number with your delivery address. We pass this number over to DHL as they will text you with a time slot of when your order should be delivered. If you do not provide us with a mobile number an email shall be sent instead.

At the point of placing your order, you can state a safe place to leave your order if you are out, or you can opt to leave it with a neighbour.
Within the DHL text or email providing your timeslot, there is the option to rearrange delivery or have it sent to a service point to be collected from there.

If you have any issues with your order then please feel free to call us on +44 (0)20 8819 5869 or contact us. We're here to help you.

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