Fitting, Care and Maintenance

Q. How do I fit my PVC Backed Coir mat into my mat well?

A. The first thing that we strongly advise is that the mat is unwrapped and unrolled when it arrives for a period of 24 – 48 hours to allow it to settle and relax down before trying to install/trim it on site. As the coir matting is rolled very tightly for transit and because it is a malleable material, experience has taught us that it can contract quite significantly, meaning that your mat might initially appear to measure shorter than specified. To trim your mat in situ once it has settled, we recommend using a sharp Stanley/Craft knife and a straight edge.

The mat should be trimmed from the PVC Backing side, it simply needs scoring a few times over the same line, after which the matting will start to fall away nicely. You need not adhere your mat to the floor once it is in the recess, as this may prevent you successfully removing the mat without damage if you need to shake it outside to clean. If you would prefer to stick your mat to the floor beneath, then we strongly recommend using a low tack adhesive, such as a good quality double sided tape. For further guidance on fitting your mat, click here.


Q. My PVC Backed Coir mat does not have a finished edge, is this normal?

A. Yes, the PVC Backed Coir Matting is intended to be installed into a mat well recess / wall to wall. The matting is cut off the roll and as such the edges are not finished. Ideally the edges of the mat should be fitted to be flush with the sides of the recess so as they cannot be seen. We always recommend that the dimensions of the mat well recess itself are ordered to ensure that the mat will be big enough to fit the space.

The matting is cut from the PVC Backing side, creating a smooth straight edge. As coir has a brush type pile, the fibres will stick up and outwards from the PVC Backing. When viewed from the side, the raw edge can appear uneven. This is completely normal and not a fault. As stated, the matting is intended for installations where the edges are protected and unseen.


Q. I have ordered a Made to Measure Carpet / Textile Mat without borders for my mat well, how do I fit this?

A. Our Made to Measure Carpet / Textile Mats are produced oversized with “bleed” around the edges. This needs trimming off with a sharp Stanley/Craft knife. You will also need a straight edge to cut against. The mat should be trimmed from the PVC Backing side, it simply needs scoring a few times over the same line, after which the matting will start to fall away nicely. For further guidance on fitting your Carpet / Textile Mat, click here.


Q. How do I care for my Coir Mat?

A. To prolong the life of Coir Matting you may wish to turn the mat upside down and shake it outside occasionally in order to remove any dirt built up in the piles. As Coir matting is very absorbent, it is not recommended to saturate the mat when trying to clean it. A dry foam or a cleaning powder works best to remove any marks that do not simply vacuum away. Other chemicals (e.g. strong detergents , solvents such as white spirit or turpentine) should not be used as this can damage the natural coir fibres and pile loss can occur. Any mud / wet dirt stains should be left to dry and removed with a stiff brush. Chewing gum can be removed with a freeze spray. For further advice on coir maintenance, click here.  

Do not vacuum, as this can pull and unravel the coir which has been twist-piled into the backing, leaving ‘rats tails’ in the coir. If you must vacuum, use a brush attachment on a low setting for minimal impact to the coir.


Q. My Coir Mat is outside, what is the best way to maintain it?

A. We always recommend woven backed coir matting for use outdoors, as this drains more effectively than PVC Backed Coir. The best way to prolong the life of your mat is to lift it up from situ at regular intervals, particularly if the mat has become saturated from rainfall. It is ideal to prop the mat up against a wall or fence to allow rainwater to disperse from the mat and air to circulate though the pile and backing. If it is possible, we recommend leaving the mat in this position until it is dry, before replacing it in situ.

However, if you are intending to purchase a doormat for unsheltered outdoor use, we would recommend one of our purpose made outdoor doormats.


Q. Can doormats be washed in the washing machine?

A. Doormats made from natural coconut coir cannot be washed in a washing machine. This is because coir matting is very absorbent and saturation in this way will damage your mat. However, we do have a range of washable doormats! Products from our washable doormat range are fully machine washable at 40oC. Lauder the mat on its own using the shortest 40oC washing machine cycle. We recommend that you use non-bio detergents that do not contain Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs), which can mask the true shade of colours.

Please only tumble dry at a maximum of 80oC for no longer than 10 mins. Do not over dry, this will damage the mat. Remove the mat immediately from the dryer and lay flat, allowing the mat to cool if rolling it up.

The Hug Rug range and other ready-made washable products washing instructions differ slightly. Refer to the product card for full details. If you are at all unsure whether you can wash your doormat, download our care and fitting guide or Contact Us . We’d be happy to help.


Q. How do I stop my doormat from moving?

A. Purchasing an underlay that has anti slip properties is a fairly inexpensive way of solving the problem in the longer term. We stock an Anti Slip Underlay in six different sizes to cater to all shapes and sizes of doormat. Simply cut the underlay 5-8cm smaller than the door mat itself, and then place underneath. The underlay stays in place without any adhesive, therefore meaning no risk of marking your floor. It works by creating friction between the backing of the mat and the floor.


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