Placing An Order

Q. I want Coir Matting for my mat well, how do I measure and order?

A. If your mat is to go into a mat well, we strongly advise that you measure the well and not any matting that is currently fitted. Your existing mat could measure significantly smaller than the well itself due to wear and tear. It is important that you measure all four sides of the mat well; experience has taught us that quite often mat wells are not perfectly square! If you find that the opposite widths and/or lengths of the well are not equal, then for PVC Backed Matting the best option is to order the largest width and length dimensions. Our PVC Backed Matting can then be trimmed down in situ using a sharp Stanley/Craft knife and a straight edge. This is easy to do, click here for further guidance.

We can produce our Made to Measure Mats to an “irregular shape” (i.e. something other than a rectangle / square with all 90⁰ angles) by working from a life sized template or accurate diagram. This is a must for our Made to Measure Traditional Doormat where the edges are hand stitched and so cannot be trimmed in situ.

For instructions of how to go about sending us your template or diagram, click here. Once we receive your template/diagram we will contact you via email to provide a quote and advise further steps for ordering.

To order online, the width and length dimensions must be input in centimetres for our online system to work properly. Unfortunately, we cannot process orders that have been input in feet/inches or millimetres/metres. You also need to choose the thickness of your matting. We stock a wide range of thicknesses from 14mm right up to 50mm. The thickness very much depends on the depth of your mat well, as most people aim for the matting to be flush with the surrounding flooring when installed into the well. If you have a very deep well, you can always put material like plywood underneath the mat to raise it up to the top. Click here for more advice about mat thickness.

Q. I would prefer a Carpet Mat for my mat well, how do I order?

A. Measure all four sides of your mat well and then choose from our range of Made to Measure Carpet / Textile Mats . Once you have input your dimensions in centimetres, simply select Without Border from the drop-down menu. There is no need to worry that your mat well is not square when ordering our carpet matting, we automatically allow for this by producing the mat a few centimetres oversized. It is then easy to trim off the excess with a sharp Stanley knife, click here for guidance. Alternatively, there is the option to select “Without Border (cut to the size specified)” from the drop-down menu. This is where for a small additional fee one of our workshop team will cut the doormat to the specific size of your mat well.

Q. My mat is going to be loose laid on top of the floor indoors, which should I order?

A. There are many options for loose laid mats; we stock a huge range of products. You could opt for one of our Standard Size Doormats made from natural coir. These are both hardwearing and absorbent. The key things to check are the amount of clearance that you have beneath any door opening over the mat to ensure the door will open, and the dimensions of your available space as our Standard Size Doormats can often be 2-3cm larger/smaller than specified and have up to 5mm variance in thickness. As the listed sizes are generic, the mats can differ in size. For this reason, we do not recommend our Standard Size Doormats for installation into a mat well recess or a confined/exact space.

Another option is our range of personalised All Weather Made to Measure Doormats and Washable Textile Carpet Mats that are highly absorbent and a great choice if you have limited clearance beneath your door. With thicknesses starting at just 5mm as well anti-slip backings, these are perfect for high traffic areas where the mat needs to stay put! We also offer a Made to Measure service in this range, allowing you to choose your own specific size from up to 72 different colours and the ability to personalise with lettering or a motif of your choice.

We recommend the following products for being loose laid on top of the floor:

  • All Weather Made to Measure Doormats
  • Washable Textile Carpet Mats
  • Our complete Standard Doormats range
  • Made to Measure Traditional Doormat
  • Q. What is the best mat for outdoor use?

    A. The main points to think about with a door mat that is situated outdoors and is exposed to the elements is how well the mat will drain and dry. On our Outdoor Mats page we recommend a variety of different materials, however if you know that your mat will be situated in an area where it may not drain and dry well, then the best option would be to choose either a Synthetic or Rubber mat, as these do not perish. Whilst we do not recommend natural Coir for outdoor use unless sheltered from the elements, if you are insistent on using natural Coir outdoors, we would recommend woven backed coir rather than PVC backed as it drains more effectively. If your natural Coir mat were to get completely wet, stand it up on its side to allow the water to drain away completely and the area which it was standing on to dry before placing it back, as per our Care and Fitting Guide which will be sent out with your order. With coir being a natural fibre, consistent exposure to excess moisture and weather is likely to shorten the effective lifespan of your doormat, compared to if it were kept indoors.

    Take a look at our recommendations for outdoor matting:

  • Outdoor Man-Made Scraper
  • Hug Rug Outdoor Mat Range
  • All Weather Made to Measure Doormats
  • Half Moon Rubber Door Mat
  • Decorative Coir and Rubber Door Mat
  • Q. Will my mat be Landscape or Portrait orientation?

    A. Of course, if your mat is plain, it doesn't matter! You can simply turn your mat to your desired orientation. It is important though when you have lettering or numbering, that we know which orientation you would like.

    ‘Landscape’ is the most common orientation for a doormat, with the longest dimension going across the doorway. However, you may be looking for a ‘runner’ style mat, in which case ‘Portrait’ orientation is best suited.

    Some of our Personalised products have an option to choose the orientation, for these products we always use the orientation you have selected rather than the width and length dimensions to determine the location of the printing. All other mats are created ‘Landscape’ unless we are advised otherwise. If you would like the mat ‘Portrait’, then please write these instructions in the notes at checkout, or Contact us, our customer service team is here to help.

    This is a landscape orientationThis is a portrait orientation

    Q. Do you send out samples?

    A. Yes! For products where samples are available, if you scroll down the page there is a “Request a Sample” button next to “Add to Basket”. Alternatively, visit our Samples Page.

    We would always recommend that you to request samples if you’re not 100% sure to ensure that you get the product you want.

    Feel free to choose up to five samples free of charge. You are required to pay the £4.95 delivery charge that it costs to send the samples out to you, but we will send you a code with your samples to redeem the £4.95 back off your subsequent order with us.

    If you are looking for a colour match for natural un-dyed coir, please be mindful that the colour can vary slightly between rolls of coir as it is a natural material and harvesting at different times of the year and different conditions can result in small colour variations. Therefore, a sample of natural un-dyed coir may not be exactly representative of the colour you later receive in your order.

    Q. Can I place my order over the phone?

    A. Yes, we are happy to process orders and payments over the phone, we can also help with product advice.

    Our Customer Service centre is open from 09:00 to 17:00 – Monday to Friday on 020 8819 5869. If all of the customer service representatives are busy, please do leave a message and we will call you back ASAP. Please be patient at peak times.

    It may be best to leave both a landline and mobile number, so we have the best chance of calling you back. We also have a Pay By Phone option on our checkout page if you would prefer to save time by entering the order online and then calling us to process your Credit/Debit Card details over the phone.

    Q. Will I get confirmation of my order?

    A. An order confirmation email is automatically sent to your email address when your order is placed in our system. If you have not received this, it is worth checking your Junk/Spam folder in your email account, as it is an automated email generated by our system and some email accounts are sensitive to this.

    The order confirmation email will contain the details of your order along with your order number, which is useful to quote if you contact us regarding your order. If you need a separate VAT invoice for your order, please Contact Us quoting your order number.

    Q. How can I be sure my credit card details are safe when I shop with you?

    A. Our Website uses a market-leading secure payment system, Opayo (formerly known as SagePay) which offers all the security measures you would expect.

    All card details are encrypted using 128-bit encryption; they are not held in clear text on any Website.

    When you choose to pay online, your card details will not be available to Make An Entrance staff and are not saved anywhere. Your card details are input into Make An Entrance securely and we do not have access to them at any time. Your card and address details are security checked and verified with the relevant card issuer and your payment is authorised. You will receive a confirmation message in your internet browser window to tell you that your order has been processed, and you will receive an order confirmation from Make An Entrance by email.

    However, if you would prefer not to send your credit or debit card details over the internet, you are still able to choose the goods you require using our shopping cart facility. At checkout, you simply choose your preferred payment option: Payment by Telephone or by Bank Transfer. We would be delighted to take payment for your order by telephone, which is the quickest way to get your order in line for production.

    Our Customer Service centre is open from 09:00 to 17:00 – Monday to Friday on 020 8819 5869

    Q. How do I convert my doormat measurements?

    A. Our workshop uses centimeters for measuring our doormats, and we ask that you provide your measurements in centimeters when ordering a cut to size product. If you have measured in different units, you can use our doormat unit conversion guide to assist you. For our Standard Size Doormats, our doormat unit conversion guide has a graphic showing the comparable sizes in inches vs centimeters.