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Coir Matting Cut to Size

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Our Coir Matting Cut to Size range is second to none. This is the type of doormat to use if you have a sunken door mat. When a door mat is recessed or inset into the floor, its best to use a mat that can be trimmed to an exact fit in situ.

Our coconut matting comes in a range of thicknesses and grades from 15mm to 30mm and from budget to commercial. Order just what you need. We cut it to order and send it by courier within just a couple of days. If you need a recessed door mat or inset door mat but the hole in your floor is too deep for the mat to lie flush with the top, simply insert a piece of plywood to make up the gap into the inset area and sit your mat on top. We provide fitting instructions to help you install your mat, download a copy here.

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