Coir Matting Cut to Size

Get bespoke sized coir mats cut to size for all your needs.

Our Coir Matting Cut to Size range is second to none. This is the type of doormat to use if you have a sunken door mat. When a door mat is recessed or inset into the floor, it's best to use a mat that can be trimmed to an exact fit in situ.

Our coconut matting comes in a range of thicknesses and grades from 14mm to 30mm and from budget to commercial. Order just what you need. We cut it to order and send it by courier within just a couple of days. Contact us to discuss the delivery charge and delivery times today.

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  1. Superior PVC backed made to measure coir is ideal for printing your design or message

    Personalised Superior PVC Backed Coir

    Thickness: 17mm to 30mm
    Size: Cut to Size
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Why Get Coir Matting?

Natural coir matting gives you a long-lasting and hard-wearing mat for all situations. A coir mat is a great addition to a business that has a lot of people coming in and out or is located in a muddy area. Having a coir mat cut to the size needed allows you to make the most out of entrance space and to pr0tect the interior of your space.

Floor mats offer a variety of benefits but a coir mat gives you a longer-lasting mat. With PVC backing and natural or synthetic fibres, a coir mat offers great protection from the elements, water, and dirt, whilst offering a nice looking and welcoming space.

The Perfect Thickness:

We also have the greatest range of thicknesses, from a thin 14mm to a thick 30mm and plenty in between. So rather than just making do with a mat that is not thick, or just too thick, we can supply you with a mat that comes closest to the top of your mat well.

For deeper mat wells, greater than 30mm, if you need a recessed door mat or inset door mat but the hole in your floor is too deep for the mat to lie flush with the top. Simply insert a piece of plywood to make up the gap into the inset area and sit your mat on top.

So with Coir Matting, Make An Entrance is a no-compromise company.

Where Does PVC Backed Coir Matting Best Suit?

This is the type of doormat to use indoors and if you have a sunken door mat, a mat well recess. When a door mat is recessed or inset into the floor, it's best to use a mat that can be trimmed to an exact fit in situ. As close to the depth of your mat well so it flows seamlessly into the flooring around it. So remember to measure not only the width and length but also the depth (hence closest thickness) you need.

Choose Your Grade:

In terms of grades, for the cost-conscious we have Budget PVC Backed coir matting. However, we only really recommend this for temporary coir matting, or somewhere that does not get a great deal of footfall. The most popular range we do is the Superior PVC Backed Coir Matting. Both hard-wearing, and looking naturally beautiful, it is ideal for mat wells, and to be cut to size with minimal wastage.

The top grade of coir matting we have is the Heavy Duty Commercial Grade. Specifically designed for the rough tough wear that a commercial shop or office gets. In recent years many people have bought this for their homes. People want the very best grade, and this is the luxury, the best coir matting on the market in the UK. We even quality test our coir regularly by machine to ensure that the coir matting is as tough as it possibly can be. Coir fibres offer you the ability to be able to handle a lot of footfall and dirt.

Biggest Range In The UK:

Our Coir Matting Cut to Size range is second to none. From Budget, Superior and top-grade Heavy Duty, we have the largest coir matting range on the market. To put it simply, we don’t just supply you with any old coir, we give you the choice of what quality you would like.

Cut To YOUR Size:

We will cut to the exact size you want, so you can order just what you need. No wastage, not paying for or ordering a large piece, and paying for what you do not
want. We only charge you what you have and need.

So, the best quality coir matting, the largest range, multiple thicknesses, and a super-fast dispatch using next day DHL couriers.

We provide fitting instructions to help you install your mat. If you are having any problems or cannot find exactly what you need please feel free to call us on +44 (0)20 8819 5869 or contact us. We're here to help.


Is coir matting the same as coconut matting?

Coir matting is often called coconut matting as well. This is because the natural fibres are made from the husk of a coconut. Hence, they can be called a coconut mat as well. You can get a synthetic version of coir matting which comes in a much thinner thickness than coir coconut.

How long do coir mats last?

This depends on the quality, the thickness, and where and what it is being used for.

What is coir matting made from?

Coir mats are made from coconut husk. Making them a strong natural material. The coconut husk gives the material a thick finish. Making it able to easily remove dried dirt from boots.

Can you vacuum coir mats?

We do not recommend using your vacuum cleaner coir mats unless completely necessary. If you can we recommend picking up the coir matting and giving it a shake outside, this will dislodge any loose coir fibres or dried dirt. You can also use one of our coir matting cleaning brushes to clean any dried dirt from the top of the mat. However, if your coir coconut matting is large and too heavy to be picked up, you can vacuum your coir mat using the brush attachment of your hoover. If you are unsure, your order shall come with a care and fitting guide or please feel free to call us on +44 (0)20 8819 5869 or contact us. We're here to help.