Custom Coir Matting to improve your entrance

Custom Coir Matting to improve your entrance

Yay! It's  Bank Holiday weekend again. The ideal time to think about sprucing up your home for summer.

Is your home entrance and garden looking a little unkempt?

When things are out of hand it's difficult to know where to start.

But these quick fixes can make all the difference.

Home Improvement Tips

Mini tasks like sweeping up all the leaves that have been lurking hidden in corners of the garden, washing the front door down, and finally changing your door mat can have a big impact.

They only take a few moments too, leaving you to enjoy the rest of the weekend doing something more fun, and the front of your house looking good as new.

At Make An Entrance, were all about helping you to make these changes quickly and easily. Our cut-to-size coir matting is a prime example.

Custom Coir Matting

Simply measure what you need and we'll cut it to size and deliver it directly to your door.

Most importantly, there's no minimum quantity required with our custom coir matting.  No need to order a whole square metre when you only need a little piece.

Because with us you order just what you need with no wastage and we'll do the rest.

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