Case Study: Custom House Signs – New Wood Oak Sign plus Renovation Job

Making custom house signs means every job is different and sometimes we need to change how we work to help out our customers.

One of our longest standing customers has recently built an annexe to their property and needed our help. They wanted us to make a new oak house sign to match their original one. As their first sign was made many years ago, it looked rather tired.

Oak House Sign - BEFORE Renovation

Tired and Weathered, this is how the original sign looked before we worked our magic.

It had been on a north facing wall in the north of England, and had had to withstand quite a bit of weathering. The original wooden sign was carved in oak and well protected with oil but was now in need of some TLC.

After discussing our customer’s needs we decided to hand paint the lettering on the new sign black. This would make the sign easier to read from the road. Our plan was to renovate the old sign to match.

A tough ask.

Once we received the original house sign back we were doubtful we’d be able to make the old sign look as good as new. We said we’d do our best but discussed options with the client. We were worried  we might not be able to bring the old wooden sign back to a presentable condition.

A stunning result.

We needn’t have worried. Once our workshop team had performed their magic,  it was impossible to tell which of the custom house signs was old and which was the new sign.

Pair of House Signs in Wood

Smallholding U is the original sign and Samsara the new one made to match 5 years after the first

The original made to order sign was sanded down, the lettering painted and coated with several layers of protective oil. The new sign was made to match exactly many years later. Even though the client couldn’t remember the typeface, we were able to retrieve all the details of their original order some 5 years ago and make the new sign a perfect match.

We are absolutely delighted with the result and our client is too. 

Custom House Signs: Quality Materials and Methods.

When you work with quality materials such as oak, and do everything properly without cutting any corners these are the results you can expect.

When you order a sign from us, we start out with a plain plank of wood. We cut this to the appropriate and size and make it into your sign. We create your bespoke design using traditional wood-working techniques and up to the minute carving machinery.

Made to Order House Signs Concealed Fixing Holes

Our craftsmanship extends to the parts you can't even see!

Skilled woodworkers carry out every single part of the process. They lovingly create each sign as an individual masterpiece.

We even take care over the back of the signs, the part that no-one will see. Just take a look at the how neatly our concealed fixing holes are carved.

Get in touch.

If you are considering made to order house signs, give us a call (020 8819 5869) or send in an enquiry form.

Our team loves to help out however we can. If your idea is possible we will find a way to make it for you.

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