Doormat making is a traditional skill, that has been handed down through the years.

Today at Make An Entrance we have a huge range of mats of every type. But our business began with simple coconut mats. We have been making our traditional hand stitched mats the same way for decades.

Our craftsmen take the simple coconut and make quality mats that truly last. Most importantly for the environment they're plastic free and totally biodegradable too.

Watch our video to see how it's done:

Order exactly the size you need and we'll make it just for you.

We can make mats up to 2 metres wide and 10 metres long! We offer a range of thicknesses to suit your mat well, or they look beautiful loose laid on the floor too.

These are the mats that we supply to the National Trust, they are very attractive and long lasting; They look great in period properties.

Doormat Making - hand stitched to order

Made from coconuts and hand stitched to order by UK craftsmen