Looking for something to brighten up your entrance for Spring? Our new range of vibrant and fun Funky Door Mats are perfect. In fact, you would be hard pushed to find a wider selection of colourful door mat designs in one place. With a huge variety of designs, including garden themes, animals and pets, as well as classic welcoming motifs, choosing your favourite of our funky door mats could be a tricky task!


Cool Funky Flowers

Made from traditional, hardwearing coir combined with crisp, eye catching printed artwork, our funky door mats are functional, durable and very decorative.

Spring Blooms

Although the unseasonal snow and ice has delayed the blossoming of Spring flowers, one of our lovely floral designs can make up for this by adding colour to your porch. These designs look great in conservatories or garden rooms to bring a little breath of outdoors inside your home.


The perfect gift for a keen gardener

Beloved Pets

People who are lucky enough to have a dog or cat member of their family know that fury friends are usually the first to greet visitors. There’s no wonder that dog and cat door mats are so popular, and we have lots to choose from in our range of funky door mats.


Don't forget the cat...


...Or the dog!

Setting the Mood

Returning home after a bad day can be made an even happier experience with one of our mood door mats. Not only are the sophisticated designs uniquely beautiful, they are a poignant reminder to leave your troubles at the door. It’s the little touches that make the most difference.


Inspirational motifs for your entrance

Welcome Messages

Forever popular, welcome message door mats are like a flag to your visitors (and your family!) that your home is the place to be. Our funky door mats feature lively welcome themes that deliver the message loud and clear. There’s definitely no place like home.


An eye catching Welcome design


You know you've arrived with this vibrant Home mat

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