It’s a door mat’s job to get dirty, loyally protecting your floor from mud and debris. In spite of this, it’s not ideal to have a filthy mat greeting visitors to your home or business. Therefore knowing how to clean door mats is important for the appearance of your entranceway and in maintaining the longevity of your mat.

Coir Matting

When it comes to coir matting, check out our Care and Maintenance Guide for our advice on how to clean door mats made from natural coir fibres.

How to Clean Door Mats

Our coir care guide gives some great tips on how to clean coir matting

Coir is a very popular choice for entrance matting due to its hard-wearing properties, although it does have to be treated with a little sensitivity. The natural coconut husk fibres can be damaged by harsh chemicals or forceful scrubbing.

What if your main priority is having a door mat that can withstand a vigorous clean and is also very durable? We have just the thing...


Synthetic Coir Scraper Matting

Our brand new range of synthetic coir scraper matting is versatile, hard wearing and brilliant at removing dirt from shoes. When laying awake at 3:00am, you never need to worry about the burning question of how to clean door mats again! Hose it, scrub it, put detergent on it, this matting can endure the deepest of cleaning. It is also functions equally well indoors and outdoors.

Personalised Outdoor Mat

A stylish house name personalised outdoor synthetic coir scraper mat

On top of all this, you can choose to personalise your mat using one of our contemporary designs.

Although care of our synthetic coir scraper matting is very easy, we have produced a care and maintenance guide for if your preference is to launder it in a washing machine. Yes, it's machine washable too! Plus a short cycle in the tumble dryer is absolutely fine for removing excess water.

Synthetic Coir Scraper Mat Care Guide

Everything you need to know about how to clean and care for our synthetic coir scraper matting



How to Clean Door Mats - Spring Cleaning Offer

We’re so thrilled about our new collection that we’re offering a 20% discount in preparation for the season of Spring Cleaning. Thinking of sprucing up your entrance hall ready for family visits over Easter (it’s early this year!)? Been searching everywhere for a personalised outdoor mat? Struggling with how to clean door mats? This offer is for you!

Personalised Prosecco Door Mat

An "Of-The-Moment" design in synthetic coir - perfect for outside your front door

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