Learn how to stop a door mat from moving when you step on it...

Is your door mat creeping up on you? Feeling like the rug is being pulled from under you? ... OK, no more bad jokes! But seriously, we realise how annoying it is to have a door mat that just won’t stay put. Not only can it create a trip hazard, the mat therefore becomes less effective at doing its job of protecting the floor. As a result, think of all the time spent in a day straightening and tidying the mat. Here are a few ideas on how to stop a door mat from moving:

Anti Slip Underlay

Our Anti Slip Underlay

Our Anti Slip Underlay is perfect for stopping your doormat from moving.

Purchasing an underlay that has anti slip properties is a fairly inexpensive way of solving the problem in the longer term. We stock an Anti Slip Underlay in six different sizes to cater to all shapes and sizes of doormat. Simply cut the underlay 5-8cm smaller than the door mat itself, and then place underneath. The underlay stays in place without any adhesive, therefore meaning no risk of marking your floor. It works by creating friction between the backing of the mat and the floor.

Purchase a Door Mat with an Anti Slip Backing

We stock a wide range of door mats that have an inbuilt anti slip backing, our Synthetic Doormat range. These are made from washable carpet or scraper pile with a nitrile rubber backing. We can also match the backing type to suit the type of flooring that the mat will be placed on top of. For carpet surfaces, a backing is applied which has cleats that grasp onto the carpet pile. For hard surfaces, the backing is smooth to create optimum contact with the floor. Door mats with an inbuilt anti slip backing are definitely something to consider if non-movement is your main priority.

Our Personalised Doormats come with a anti-slip backing depending on the area of use.

Our Personalised Doormats come with a anti-slip backing depending on the area of use.

Create a Frame around the Mat

This option is worth considering if building a mat well recess is not an option. Beading / Edging strips are easily sourced from DIY / Hardware stores, these are then used to create a frame around the mat which is glued or screwed to the floor. Although this is quite a straightforward process, a level of DIY skill is needed in cutting down the beading / edging, assembling the frame and then securing it in place. It’s also a more permanent approach that will affect your flooring, since the frame will be attached to the floor. Our Cut to Size matting is perfect for building a frame around.

Build a Mat Well / Recess

This is the most permanent solution and probably the most effective for how to stop a door mat from moving . It’s easier to build a mat well when new flooring is being laid, as all that is needed is to leave a space around the door way for the door mat to be installed into. Creating a mat well within existing flooring is trickier, and may therefore require the help of a local builder / handyman. If you are looking to build a mat well or looking for guidance on how to measure your mat well for a new doormat, check out our blog article on How to Make a Matwell.

Again, we stock a range of matting that is ideal for fitting into a mat well  and with a range of thicknesses to choose from, so that you can ensure that the matting will be flush with the surrounding flooring. You can shop our range of cut to size doormats here.

We hope that this guide has been helpful in informing you on how to stop a door mat from moving. If you have any further questions, we would love to help! Email us at help@makeanentrance.com, or call 020 8819 5869.

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