Logo Entrance Mat and Custom Oak Sign in situ

Our competition winners custom oak sign and logo entrance mat were used in the outdoor learning area of their school

Corporate businesses are increasingly recognising the importance of having a logo entrance mat that displays and promotes their company branding.

Logo Entrance Mat:

We produce a variety of types of logo mats for businesses but we’ve also realised the versatility of logo entrance mats in exhibiting other images for non-business situations.

Learning Area Comp - winning logo entrance mat

A child's drawing translated onto an outdoor logo entrance mat

School Competition:

A brilliant example of this was when we recently sponsored a competition at a local primary school. The children, aged seven and under, were asked to create a design for their new outdoor learning area. The winning image would be printed onto an All Weather Outdoor Logo Mat and engraved into a Custom Oak Sign.

Learning Area Comp - winning custom oak sign

A child's drawing made into a custom oak sign

The children put lots of thought into what would make striking and informative logos to identify their special new learning area. They submitted some fantastic designs.

We are really proud of how closely we were able to keep to the children's designs and how well they transferred onto the mat and sign.

Because our All Weather Logo Mats are super hard wearing and are not damaged by the elements, the mat can stay in situ all year long for everyone to enjoy.

Custom Oak Sign:

The Logo Entrance Mat, paired with the Custom Oak Sign is an effective way of helping visitors know that they’ve arrived in the right place. As shown by the competition entries, we can pretty much produce anything on these products. This means you can be as creative as you like.

Like to do something similar at your school? Call us on 020 8819 5869 or email us your ideas.