Everything you need to know about our Personalised Indoor Carpet Doormat Range

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We love our Personalised Indoor Carpet Doormat because of its range of possibilities. With a 72 colour spectrum and photorealism available, our Personalised Indoor Doormat Range are the best quality printed doormats available. Gone are the days of muddy footprints running through your entrance!

As very hard-wearing products, they offer a long-term solution to your doormat problem. With the ability to machine wash these products when dirty, they are the perfect absorbent doormat. Why not combine it with one of our All Weather Made To Measure doormats? For the perfect combination of outdoor dirt scraping, and indoor moisture absorbance. When purchased, we will email you an artwork proof of what your doormat will look like for you to check, before we make it.

Our Personalised Indoor Carpet Doormats

Our Personalised Indoor Carpet Doormat sits at 5-6mm thick and is made to your specified dimensions (nearest cm). As a result, they are the ideal thin absorbent doormat, personalised by you. A purpose-made product for busy doorways. They are of commercial quality and perfect for high-footfall homes and businesses.

These products are the best quality printed doormats available online. Our workshop has produced anything from the sleekest and simple, to the most complex designs. Our high-quality printing creates sharp definition between colours, which appear bold and vibrant.

Made For Matwells

As a custom-made to-measure product, our Personalised Indoor Carpet Doormat can be made for a mat well or recess. This is done by selecting “without borders” when personalising. Then trimming to fit in situ. You will receive a care and fitting guide in with your mat on how to do this. However, they are better suited to free-standing with a non-trip/ slip rubber border.

New Personalised Indoor Carpet Doormat Range-Citrus

Even complex designs print well!

Personalised Doormats For Businesses

We also provide our Personalised Indoor Carpet Doormat for businesses. Custom made to your specified sizes and company logo. If you have an enquiry, Matt and David in our Business Team would love to hear from you. Simply email your enquiry with logo and sizes to business@makeanentrance.com, or submit the enquiry form here.

Before You Purchase

Before purchasing, if you are any way unsure about colours, we advise using our sample service. We want to ensure that we make you the perfect doormat that you desire!

When viewing samples, make sure to do so in the lighting that they are going to be used. Colours do appear slightly different in differing light conditions and shadows. For example, in an area with a lot of natural light vs a dark area lit using artificial lighting. In addition, colours will appear different at arm’s length when holding the sample, compared to when placed on the floor as if walking over it.

A note about choosing white

Although white is available to choose as an option, it is not something we would advise for large areas of your doormat. There is instead the option to select an off-white or light grey. These will help to improve the longevity of your mat's appearance while offering a similar effect.

If you have any more questions about our new Personalised Indoor Carpet Doormat, please Contact Us. We’d love to help you find the perfect personalised doormat!