Double Doormat for Patio Doors

Our Double Doormat has a standard width of 120cm and a choice of 3 lengths to suit every situation

With lots of us using French or patio doors as the main entrance into our homes straight from the garden, having a door mat that matches the width of the double doors is a really good idea.

Not only does it look neat, it’s a great help in stopping mud, leaves, grass and wet shoes from finding their way into the house.

Often double doors are located in dining rooms, lounges and conservatories, rather than hallways. This calls for an even greater need to protect the surrounding flooring – nobody wants muddy footprints on their best lounge carpet!

We stock a range of matting that is perfect for double doors. But first, the issue of size.

Made to Measure Washable Double Doormat

Our Made to Measure Washable Double Doormat comes in over 100 colours and can be made to any size you like

Our Double Door Mat for Patio Doors is a standard width of 120cm, which fits nicely across the doors. However, the key is the length – too short and hasty feet will step off the edge, too long and the mat could take up too much space in your room or patio.

The lengths of our Double Door Mat for Patio Doors have been tried and tested on this basis. The 3 optimum sizes were found to be 120cm x 45cm (Standard), 120cm x 60cm (Tall) and 120cm x 75cm (Extra Tall).

Coir is great for both indoor and outdoor use, but if you’re looking for an indoor Double Door Mat which is thin and absorbent, our Washable Double Door Mats fit the bill.

Traditional Hand Stitched Doormat Made to Measure

Our Traditional Hand Stitched Doormat is Made to Measure to your exact requirements so can be the perfect choice for a double doormat

Slightly wider at 180cm, the 60cm length gives plenty of room for the all important removal of footwear at the door. A choice of 6 different colours means that matching your door mat with your decor is easy.   We also have a massive range of 100+ colours in our Made to Measure Washable Carpet Mats so complementing your surrounding flooring is not a problem.

Of course, you could choose your own exact size door mat for double doors by measuring your space. We have a huge range of Made to Measure Door Mats, which are produced to the nearest centimetre.

This means you can create a unique size that is best for your double doors.