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Monthly Archives: June 2018

  • Personalised Signs

    Being in the industry of home entrance furnishings, we have noticed that adding personalised signs to front doors is becoming increasingly popular. Not only do we want to stand out from our neighbours, we want to put a unique stamp on our property. Of course, personalised signs are also very practical. They clearly mark out our address for both visitors and the postal service!

    To meet popular demand, we have expanded our range of House Signs with some exciting new additions.

    Acrylic Personalised Signs

    Contemporary and smart, our new Acrylic House Signs are personalised with numbers and names in a black and white colour theme. Using double layer acrylic, the front face of the sign is matt white whilst the back is jet black This creates a design that really makes the text stand out. Perfect for the style of sign, the stencil font type enhances the embossed effect. Acrylic is hardwearing and easy to wipe clean, making it a fantastic choice for personalising the entrance to your home.

    Personalised Signs

    Carved Slate Personalised Signs

    Traditional slate will always be a front runner when it comes to personalised signs. Classy and durable, slate will retain its natural good looks for many years. Our new range includes carved slate, which is infilled with white to contrast with the deep charcoal background. We are able to produce 1, 2 or 3 digits, and up to 3 lines of 14 characters. So there is plenty of room for your chosen message.

    Personalised Signs

    Wall Mounted Post Box

    How about combining a personalised sign with a safe and strong post box? Well now you can in our range of wall mounted post boxes. With lots of sizes and styles to choose from, there is something for everyone’s front door. If you are fed up of being greeted by junk mail on your hallway floor when you return home after a hard day, then an external post box is a must. The same goes for families with a naughty puppy at home! The lockable boxes keep your mail secure and out of sight. The option of a personalised frontage confirms your address to visitors and the post-person.

    Personalised Signs

     See our full range of Personalised Signs on our website

  • How do I measure a mat well?

    Summer is a great time to be getting all those decorating tasks done during the longer days and warmer temperatures. It is also a great time to be thinking about replacing those old door mats. Best do it before the autumn and winter bring in the inevitable rain and muddy shoes! One question we often get asked by customers who are replacing  a mat that sits in a mat well is ‘ How do I measure a mat well ?’.

    How Do I Measure A Mat Well


    The first most important answer to this question is to measure the well and not any matting that is currently fitted. Your existing mat could measure significantly smaller than the well itself due to wear and tear.

    How Do I Measure A Mat Well


    Secondly it is important that you measure all four sides of the mat well; experience has taught us that quite often mat wells are not perfectly square, particularly in older properties! If you find that the opposite widths and/or lengths of the well are not equal, then for PVC Backed Matting the best option is to order the largest width and length dimensions. Our PVC Backed Matting can then be trimmed down in situ using a sharp Stanley/Craft knife and a straight edge. This is really easy to do and we have a fitting guide available for download here.

    When it comes to deciding on the thickness of the mat required you need to know the depth of your matwell. Most people aim for the matting to be flush with the surrounding flooring when installed into the well.

    How Do I Measure A Mat Well

    So, how do I measure a mat well depth?

    You need to measure from the base to the lip, most mat thicknesses are measured in mm so it’s a good idea to take the measurement of your mat well in this unit. If you have a very deep well, you can always put material like plywood underneath the mat to raise it up to the top. We have a range of thicknesses of mat ranging from 12mm right up to 45mm.

    But how do I measure a mat well that is an irregular shape? Do not panic! We can also do our Made to Measure Mats by working from a life size template…but that’s a whole new story!


  • Father's Day Gifts

    Father’s Day takes place on the third Sunday of June, which just happens to be this coming Sunday 17th June. When it comes to Father's Day gifts, it can often be tricky to find something meaningful for the man who has everything. Personalised Father's Day gifts are a great choice to make a special and unique present. We’ve put together a few ideas from our range.

    Father's Day gifts

    Message Mats

    Doormats are surprisingly versatile when it comes to creating a personalised message gift. We can produce pretty much any message on a mat (apart from expletives!) so “Dad Jokes” on a mat are a prime choice for Father's Day gifts. A nice, sentimental message would also go down well to show your Dad how much you care.

    Father's Day gifts




    Father's Day gifts




    Hobbies Mats

    We have a wide range of motifs that we can print onto our mats, including sailing, golf, horse riding and a huge choice for pet and animal lovers.


    Father's Day gifts



    Father's Day gifts






    Our Personalised Photo Mats are a brilliant way of capturing your Dad's favourite photo. Or if you are on the creative side, you could stage a photo of your Dad's memorabilia for displaying on the mat.


    Personalised Signs

    Our selection of oak and slate house signs are a great choice for marking your dad’s territory. We all know how much a dad loves a shed! A sign can also be used to display your dad’s favourite saying inside his man cave.


    Father's Day gifts

  • What is the difference between portrait and landscape?

    Will my mat be made Portrait or Landscape?

    Landscape or Portrait refers to the the orientation of the mat. A standard doormat shape is a landscape  orientation, where the distance from right to left across the doorway is the longest edge.

    Of course, if your mat is plain, it doesn't matter! You can simply turn your mat to your desired orientation.

    However, when you have lettering or numbering, it is important we know which orientation you would like.

    Landscape Orientation

    Landscape Orientation Mat A standard doormat is usually used in a landscape orientation

    ‘Landscape’ is the most common orientation for a doormat, with the longest dimension going across the doorway. We make our doormats in this way as standard.

    Portrait Orientation

    Portrait Orientation Mat Turning the mat to a portrait orientation and ordering a larger size can help encourage people to wipe their feet, keeping your floors cleaner for longer.

    However, you may be looking for a ‘runner’ style mat, in which case ‘Portrait’ orientation is best.  This is a really good way to give to ensure that people who forget to wipe their feet still get their shoes well cleaned before they reach your floor coverings as they have had to take two or three steps across the mat.

    Some of our Personalised products have an option to choose the orientation, for these products we always use the orientation you have selected rather than the width and length dimensions to determine the location of the printing.

    Take a look at our range of Personalised Doormats that are all custom made to order. We can make them in a landscape or portrait orientation depending on your needs.

    See how Wikipedia explains Landscape and Portrait.

    Tell us what you'd like and we'll make it that way.

    All our mats are created ‘Landscape’, unless we are advised otherwise. If you would like the mat ‘Portrait’, then please write these instructions in the notes at checkout, or contact us.

    Take a look at our range

  • New Home Gifts

    It is that time of year friends getting engaged or married, babies are on their way and people are buying their new home.

    There is nothing more exciting that getting your first house whether that be on your own or with your partner. You have scrimped and saved for years, been through the criticism of the bank to get a mortgage and they made sure they questioned every penny you spent over the past 5 years so much to the point that it leaves you questioning ‘did I really need to buy that?’.  Most of the time that answer to that is probably no, but who cares!

    new home entrance Keys to your new home

    The sale is complete, and the keys are in your hand, it’s time to start thinking about décor, furniture and the personal finishing touches to complete your new home.

    Going through the lengthy buying process you have had plenty of time to pick out the perfect furniture to match the perfect decoration that you want in your new home, so you have all that underhand. Its maybe just a case of waiting for some funds to replenish before you can start.







    So, what you need next is a housewarming party. A time where you invite friends and family around to show them what you have accomplished but also in the hope that they also bring them some gifts for your new home.

    There are lots of traditional ideas to give as a housewarming gift such as; a Bottle of Wine that wishes everlasting joy and in hope that the homeowner shall never go thirsty. Candles in hope that they shall always have light amidst the darkness or even Salt which sends the message that life must always have flavour.

    House warming gift for a new home Wine for a house warming gift
    House warming gift for a new home Candles for a house warming gift
    House warming gift for a new home Salt as a house warming gift









    But why not have your new home stand out in a different way?


    Take a look at our personalised house signs from slate to oak that can have engraved numbers, words or even pictures. Make sure all your family, friends or even the post person can easily find your house.

    House warming gift for a new home Personalised house sign house warming gift


    House warming gift for a new home Door mat set house warming gift

    Or even make sure your guests wipe their feet and don’t drag mud onto your new carpet (that you will want to be making sure stays clean for a long time) with one of our indoor and outdoor mat sets. From personalised to patio there will be something that suits your style, without breaking the bank.

    The opportunities are endless!

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