Learn how our Personalised Doormats for Businesses can be adapted to every location in your business

As well as providing personalised doormats to customers across the UK, we also provide personalised doormats for businesses. All of our personalised doormats are produced here in the UK.

Personalised Doormats for Businesses A Selection

A selection of doormats from our happy customers!

Coir Logo Mats

Our Coir Logo Mats are produced via an inlaying process. Subsequently, this is a process superior to standard printed coir logo mats available. Your business logo or design will be inlaid into the coir for a long lasting finish. As a result, the coloured fibres run throughout the depth of the pile and will therefore last for the lifetime of the mat. We have had customers come back to us after having their mat down for many years!

Available in 8 colours to match your businesses logo design and made to your specified sizes. At 17mm thick and the ability to be produced to irregular shapes, these doormats are perfect for indoor mat wells/ recesses. Enquire here.

Synthetic Coir Logo Mats

Synthetic Coir Logo Mats provide a similar look to natural coir, but are perfect if you have a thinner mat well/ recess at 9-10mm thick. Also made using an inlaying process, coloured fibres run throughout the depth of the pile and will therefore last for the lifetime of the mat. A purpose made product for indoor mat wells/ recesses, and 11 colours to choose from for your company logo. Enquire here.

Personalised Doormats for Businesses Rubber

Our Rubber Logo Mat

Rubber Logo Mats

Our Rubber Logo Mat is available in a selection of standard sizes from S-XL. This purpose made outdoor doormat is our hardest wearing logo doormat option. Additionally, many customers use this product in an indoor wet area,  next to a water fountain for example. Made from 50% recycled rubber and sitting at 7mm thick. Furthermore, this product can simply cleaned by hosing down in situ. Enquire here.

Printed Synthetic Logo Doormats

Our Printed Synthetic Logo Doormats sit at 5-6mm thick and are made to measure (nearest cm). As a result, they're the ideal thin absorbent or scraper doormat, personalised by you. A purpose made product for busy entrances. They are of a commercial quality and perfect for high footfall businesses. Also, as extremely hard wearing products, they're a long term solution to your doormat problem. Simply machine wash them when dirty. Enquire here.

Carpet Logo Mats

Personalised Doormats for Businesses Outdoor logo

Our Outdoor Logo Mat

Our Carpet Logo Mats are the perfect thin, absorbent doormat. Purpose made for indoor use, these doormats provide our highest printing quality, creating sharp definition between colours, which appear bold and vibrant. Enquire here.

Outdoor Logo Mats

Our Outdoor Logo Mats are a purpose made outdoor product. As a result, they are hardwearing and easy to maintain by simply hosing down outside. They can also be produced with backing holes to help surface water to drain away. Enquire here.

Meet Our Business Team

David – David is an experienced sales professional and our internal photographer. He works with our business customers to find the best mats to meet their requirements.

Matthew – Matthew works with our business accounts to provide specialist doormats. Having worked in roles across the company, he's an expert on our products and processes.

 Here To Help

If you have any more questions about our Personalised Doormats for Businesses, call us on 020 8819 5869 or email Business@makeanentrance.com. We’d love to help you find the perfect personalised doormat for your business.