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  • Father's Day Gifts

    Father’s Day takes place on the third Sunday of June, which just happens to be this coming Sunday 17th June. When it comes to Father's Day gifts, it can often be tricky to find something meaningful for the man who has everything. Personalised Father's Day gifts are a great choice to make a special and unique present. We’ve put together a few ideas from our range.

    Father's Day gifts

    Message Mats

    Doormats are surprisingly versatile when it comes to creating a personalised message gift. We can produce pretty much any message on a mat (apart from expletives!) so “Dad Jokes” on a mat are a prime choice for Father's Day gifts. A nice, sentimental message would also go down well to show your Dad how much you care.

    Father's Day gifts




    Father's Day gifts




    Hobbies Mats

    We have a wide range of motifs that we can print onto our mats, including sailing, golf, horse riding and a huge choice for pet and animal lovers.


    Father's Day gifts



    Father's Day gifts






    Our Personalised Photo Mats are a brilliant way of capturing your Dad's favourite photo. Or if you are on the creative side, you could stage a photo of your Dad's memorabilia for displaying on the mat.


    Personalised Signs

    Our selection of oak and slate house signs are a great choice for marking your dad’s territory. We all know how much a dad loves a shed! A sign can also be used to display your dad’s favourite saying inside his man cave.


    Father's Day gifts

  • New Home Gifts

    It is that time of year friends getting engaged or married, babies are on their way and people are buying their new home.

    There is nothing more exciting that getting your first house whether that be on your own or with your partner. You have scrimped and saved for years, been through the criticism of the bank to get a mortgage and they made sure they questioned every penny you spent over the past 5 years so much to the point that it leaves you questioning ‘did I really need to buy that?’.  Most of the time that answer to that is probably no, but who cares!

    new home entrance Keys to your new home

    The sale is complete, and the keys are in your hand, it’s time to start thinking about décor, furniture and the personal finishing touches to complete your new home.

    Going through the lengthy buying process you have had plenty of time to pick out the perfect furniture to match the perfect decoration that you want in your new home, so you have all that underhand. Its maybe just a case of waiting for some funds to replenish before you can start.







    So, what you need next is a housewarming party. A time where you invite friends and family around to show them what you have accomplished but also in the hope that they also bring them some gifts for your new home.

    There are lots of traditional ideas to give as a housewarming gift such as; a Bottle of Wine that wishes everlasting joy and in hope that the homeowner shall never go thirsty. Candles in hope that they shall always have light amidst the darkness or even Salt which sends the message that life must always have flavour.

    House warming gift for a new home Wine for a house warming gift
    House warming gift for a new home Candles for a house warming gift
    House warming gift for a new home Salt as a house warming gift









    But why not have your new home stand out in a different way?


    Take a look at our personalised house signs from slate to oak that can have engraved numbers, words or even pictures. Make sure all your family, friends or even the post person can easily find your house.

    House warming gift for a new home Personalised house sign house warming gift


    House warming gift for a new home Door mat set house warming gift

    Or even make sure your guests wipe their feet and don’t drag mud onto your new carpet (that you will want to be making sure stays clean for a long time) with one of our indoor and outdoor mat sets. From personalised to patio there will be something that suits your style, without breaking the bank.

    The opportunities are endless!

  • Doormat Sets

    May is the month of Bank Holidays, which means two things – DIY and BBQs (weather permitting, of course). Up to now many parts of the UK have been fortunate in seeing regular sunshine this month. You might be thinking of making the most of it and organising a BBQ or garden party. If so, we’ve thought of essential Doormat Sets that will help protect your home from your visitors’ feet!

    With people moving between garden and house, it’s a great idea to have a pair of mats in place. This will provide a good opportunity for shoes to be thoroughly wiped, and save your floors from footprints. The best way to achieve this is by having a hardwearing mat outdoors for scraping away debris, and an absorbent mat indoors to soak up any remaining dirt and moisture. It’s also a good idea for the indoor mat to be big enough to facilitate the removal of shoes, without people having to step off the mat.

    Holding all of this in mind, we’ve put together a range of doormat sets which take the leg work out of searching for the best combinations.

    Decorative Doormat Sets

    Both in natural coir, our ‘wrought iron effect’ coir/rubber doormat and decorative doormat make an attractive pair. These are ideal for homes with a period feel to them, as doormats have traditionally been manufactured from coir for centuries. Made from coconut husks, coir doormats have a natural finish that is excellent for scraping dirt and absorbing moisture. If you would like your mats to be more than functional, the decorative element of this set creates a lovely feature in your garden and entrance.

    Doormat Sets - Decorative Wrought Iron Rubber Coir Outdoor Doormat matched with Decorative Indoor Coir Mat

    Functional Doormat Sets

    As the saying goes: “A scraper at the door keeps the dirt from the floor”. The ideal pairing in the world of doormats is an outdoor scraper mat and an indoor absorbent mat. This is exactly what our Functional Doormat Set consists of. Our super hardwearing polypropylene scraper mat and our highly absorbent cotton washable mat are a perfect match. With a variety of colours to choose from, you can even tone the mats with your preferred colour scheme.

    Doormat Sets - Functional Outdoor Scraper Mat paired with Indoor Washable Cotton Mat

    Personalised Doormat Sets

    As personalised doormats are often designed for indoor use, it’s not often you will find a complementary pair that can be placed either side of your door. Our Synthetic Coir Outdoor Personalised Doormat and Machine Washable Personalised Doormat definitely tick the functional box. They also have a harmonising colour tone and can be personalised with a message of your choice.

    Doormat Sets - Personalised A complementary pair of Indoor and Outdoor Personalised Mats

    Large Area Doormat Sets

    Perfect for situating in conservatories and by garden patio doors, our Washable Double Doormat can be placed in a ‘portrait’ orientation as a runner style mat, or a ‘landscape’ orientation to cover a double doorway. Matched with our ‘wrought iron effect’ coir/rubber doormat, this is an ideal pair for covering larger areas and protecting more of your floors.

    Doormat Sets - Large Area Our Large Area Doormat Set, perfect for double patio doors

    Compact Doormat Sets

    Our ‘wrought iron effect’ Half-Moon Rubber Doormat paired with our 60cm x 40cm Welcome coir doormat is a brilliant choice for small, but perfectly formed, spaces. The swirl pattern complements the ornate wrought iron design for a Parisian feel, and the alternative geometric ‘Greek Key’ pattern makes a striking contrast.

    Doormat Sets - Compact A small but perfectly formed pair


    Inspired to buy your own Doormat Set? This Bank Holiday weekend we are running another fabulous offer:


    • £5 off orders over £50: enter code GET5

    • £10 off orders over £100: enter code GET10

    • £15 off orders over £150: enter code GET15

    • £20 off orders over £200: enter code GET20


    Simply enter the corresponding coupon code for the value of your order at the checkout page to redeem your discount. Offer valid until 29th May 2018.


  • Unique Wedding Gifts

    With the wedding season upon us, along with the Royal Big Day tomorrow, 'Tying the Knot' has been on our mind a lot this week. If you’re lucky enough to be someone’s wedding guest, it's not just your outfit that you need to think about. Sourcing unique wedding gifts for the happy couple also needs some careful planning.

    Wedding traditions are often a good place to start when thinking about unique wedding gifts. Age old customs, and even superstitions, can provide great inspiration. These can help you find something a little bit different that the couple will remember you for. It's suprising how may traditions centre around weddings and marriage. We've found a few to get started.

    Wedding Traditions




    Wedding Traditions




    Wedding Traditions




    Wedding Traditions





    Wedding Traditions




    Wedding Traditions







    On the subject of thresholds, we have a perfect range of unique wedding gifts to sprinkle some romance onto any doorstep.


    Our Hand Printed Design Your Own Doormat can feature a heart motif as well as text. It’s just asking for the newlyweds’ initials to be printed either side of the heart. Equally, the marital surname can be laser etched onto our Personalised Family Doormat. Leave it ready and waiting for the new Mr and Mrs to return home from their honeymoon.

    Unique Wedding Gifts Add some romance to a threshold

    Our Personalised Photo Mat is another popular choice for weddings. Elements of the day can be printed from a photo onto the mat. Little finishing touches like the wedding shoes, flowers and invitations can be featured in the design, creating a lasting memento of the Big Day. You could even pick a photo of the couple's honeymoon desitation. With many weddings having a specific theme, there's lots of opportunity to get really creative with designing a personalised mat. If you're good at planning ahead, the mat could be included as part of the day. It could welcome guests, or be a place for the couple to stand for the line up.

    Unique Wedding Gifts

    There’s not just doormats to consider. With the popularity of wedding cheese cakes growing, we think a Custom Slate Cheese Board with the couple’s cheese choices of the day definitely falls into the category of unique wedding gifts! Or for non-cheese lovers, the slate can be customised with other messages that resonate with the couple and their Big Day.

    Unique Wedding Gifts Perfect for a Wedding Cheese Cake



  • Pet Lover Gift Ideas

    From wall art, to cushions, to crockery, pet and animal themed homewares have become super popular over recent years. If you’re looking for something a little different for pet lover gift ideas, we have a range of pet and animal themed mats that are not just for doorways.

    Pet Lover Gift Ideas: 1 mat 3 ways

    Photo Quality Doormats from Make An Entrance Our new photo realistic mats are so life like. As they are printed onto a textured carpet - it almost has the effect of turning your photo into a painting.

    Take our Personalised Photo Mat which can be printed with any high resolution photo image. It’s ready and waiting for a photo of the beloved animal family member, and great for use in a number of pet-related scenarios:


    Personalised Pet Feeding Mat

    Personalised, absorbent and washable, the perfect food and water catcher for your pet’s feeding area.

    Personalised Pet Photo Mat "The perfect place for my tea!"

    Training Station

    So this is more for dogs, but training advice often suggests using a mat as a contained space for dogs to be sent to when teaching them. For example, when training a dog to wait for a human to answer the door (rather than themselves!) the dog can be sent to a mat nearby the door to “sit” and “wait”. The mat acts as a visual cue for the dog, making it easier for him to find his spot. Our Personalised Photo Mat goes a step further, so everyone knows who’s mat it is. The anti-slip backing also keeps the mat safely in place in the face of excited paws.

    ised dog training station mat "Sit and Wait!"

    Car Boot

    For protecting your car interior and upholstery as well as containing pet hairs and dirt. Our Personalised Photo Mat is made from carpet pile that is easy to vacuum and launder. The rubber backing and border can be draped over the edge of the boot when open to prevent little scratch marks.





    Of course, our Personalised Photo Mat along with our huge range of other Pet and Animal Mats can be used traditionally as a doormat. As far as pet lover gift ideas, an animal themed doormat makes a statement about their identity, and possibly a clue about the non-human members of their family. Obviously the practical element of keeping pet dirt caused by muddy, wet paws from the floors is a key function. The decorative and personalised element of our animal doormats creates a wonderful and unusual gift.

    Welcome-Cats-Doormat Don't forget the cat...






    Printed Geese Doormat ...or our feathered friends
  • How to Clean Door Mats

    It’s a door mat’s job to get dirty, loyally protecting your floor from mud and debris. In spite of this, it’s not ideal to have a filthy mat greeting visitors to your home or business. Therefore knowing how to clean door mats is important for the appearance of your entrance-way and in maintaining the longevity of your mat.


    Coir Matting

    When it comes to coir matting, check out our Care and Maintenance Guide for our advice on how to clean door mats made from natural coir fibres.

    How to Clean Door MatsOur coir care guide gives some great tips on how to clean coir matting

    Coir is a very popular choice for entrance matting due to its hard wearing properties, although it does have to be treated with a little sensitivity. The natural coconut husk fibres can be damaged by harsh chemicals or forceful scrubbing.

    What if your main priority is having a door mat that can withstand a vigorous clean and is also very durable? We have just the thing...


    Synthetic Coir Scraper Matting

    Our brand new range of synthetic coir scraper matting is versatile, hard wearing and brilliant at removing dirt from shoes. When laying awake at 3:00am, you never need to worry about the burning question of how to clean door mats again! Hose it, scrub it, put detergent on it, this matting can endure the deepest of cleaning. It is also functions equally well indoors and outdoors.

    Personalised Outdoor Mat A stylish house name personalised outdoor synthetic coir scraper mat

    On top of all this, you can choose to personalise your mat using one of our contemporary designs.

    Although care of our synthetic coir scraper matting is very easy, we have produced a care and maintenance guide for if your preference is to launder it in a washing machine. Yes, it's machine washable too! Plus a short cycle in the tumble dryer is absolutely fine for removing excess water.

    Synthetic Coir Scraper Mat Care Guide Everything you need to know about how to clean and care for our synthetic coir scraper matting





    How to Clean Door Mats - Spring Cleaning Offer

    We’re so thrilled about our new collection that we’re offering a 20% discount in preparation for the season of Spring Cleaning. Thinking of sprucing up your entrance hall ready for family visits over Easter (it’s early this year!)? Been searching everywhere for a personalised outdoor mat? Struggling with how to clean door mats? This offer is for you!

    Personalised Prosecco Door Mat An "Of-The-Moment" design in synthetic coir - perfect for outside your front door










    Take advantage of this great offer by simply entering SPRING20 into the Coupon Code box at the checkout page for any of our new Synthetic Coir Scraper Mats.

  • Design Your Own Door Mat

    Not only does a uniquely designed door mat add that finishing touch to your entrance-way, it sets you apart from your neighbours and is an instant talking point with visitors to your home. With Make An Entrance you can design your own door mat, using a huge range of materials, colours and techniques.


    Hard wearing synthetic coir along with an anti trip border creates the perfect canvas for you to design your own door mat. Using the latest printing technology, our brand new collection of synthetic coir personalised matting gives a contemporary finish to inside and outside your home. We have researched popular images that make the most impact whilst incorporating that all important personal touch.

    Design Your Own Synthetic Coir Door Mat Neutral base colours with your choice of accent colour on cool contemporary personalised designs

    Photo Printed

    With our innovative personalised photo mats you can really go to town and design your own door mat by staging a photo to be printed onto the mat. There are so many possibilities, from a photo of your beloved pet, to a holiday sunset, to you and your spouse’s wedding shoes. Made from high twist nylon fibres, our photo mats are machine washable, so you never need to worry about your favourite photo becoming dirty.

    Design Your Own Photo Print Door Mat You really are in the design seat with our Personalised Photo Mats


    Many people still opt for coconut coir matting for its natural look and hard wearing properties. If you would rather choose coir, you can still design your own door mat using our wide selection of stencils.

    Design Your Own Door Mat Choose Your Stencil Traditional stencils are used to create the motifs

    The stylish silhouettes of pets, country animals and popular hobbies contrast well with the rich golden brown coir fibres, and you can even include text such as your house name or a message into your design.

    Design Your Own Door Mat Traditional Coir A striking way to personalise natural coir









    All of our personalised door mats make fantastic presents, so you can design your own door mat gift for that special someone who has pretty much everything. It is a great way to mark an occasion, from marriages, anniversaries, new homes, new babies, new pets...the possibilities are endless!

  • NEW Photo Quality Doormats

    We are so excited to announce the launch of our new photo realistic doormats.

    Photo Quality Doormats from Make An Entrance Our new photo realistic mats are so life like. As they are printed onto a textured carpet it almost has the effect of turning your photo into a painting.

    The latest print technology means that these are now an affordable option and the possibilities are endless.

    Simply upload a photo of your choice, checkout and pay and we will do the rest. We even send a proof prior to production so you are certain to be happy with the results.

    The mats are hard wearing enough to be used as a doormat, and are machine washable too so the applications are endless. The example pictured is being used as a pet feed mat. How will you use yours?

    We had so much fun developing this idea, and so did our lovely model. You can just see how much she loves her new feeding mat can't you?

    If you need help or advice we're here to help on 020 8819 5869.

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