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  • How to Make a Matwell

    It’s officially Spring, so officially DIY season. Hence we thought it’s a good time to explore one of the most commonly asked questions by our customers – How to Make a Matwell?


    What is a Matwell?

    Quite simply, it is a hole (or recess, to be more technical!) in your flooring around your external door, in which matting is fitted as an integral door mat. Ideally, the matting should be flush with the surrounding flooring to create an even, continuous surface.


    What are the Pros?

    1. A doormat that does not move – hurray!
    2. You can create a size of doormat (and matwell) to suit your space. We would recommend going a big as possible to allow visitors to take a few good steps onto the mat. Our Made to Measure range is the perfect choice for matwells, with a wide choice of thicknesses to match the depth of your matwell.
    3. A neat and contemporary entrance area that is easy to maintain. Particularly with our Synthetic Coir range, you can vacuum the doormat at the same time as the surrounding flooring – no more struggling to lift your hoover up onto the doormat.


    What about the Cons?

    1. If you want to remove a fitted mat to shake it outside, this is a little trickier. For this reason, we do not recommend using strong adhesive to fix the mat to the floor. A good quality double sided tape should be fine to keep the mat in place.
    2. How to make a matwell in existing flooring does take more planning. It is definitely easier to leave a hole when new flooring is being laid, rather than making a hole in flooring that is already fitted around the door. That said, it is not impossible. With the right tools, such as an angle grinder for hard flooring or a very sharp Stanley knife and straight edge for a carpet, a hole can be made in existing floor for the matting to be installed into.


    Do I need a frame or trims?

    This question is popular when customers ask us how to make a matwell. Our answer is usually that it is personal preference. You may want to source a matwell frame or flooring trims to help finish off your matwell, but this is not essential. Sometimes it is worthwhile seeing what the mat itself looks like in situ before making this decision.


    How to Make a Matwell

    Ready for some matting to go into your Matwell? Check out our handy Infographic on Matwell Mats for a step by step ordering guide.

    How to Make a Matwell 5 Easy Steps to your Mat Well Mat

  • Washable Door Mats and Runners

    Since the snow has now melted, if salty wet footprints are messing up your floors our washable door mats and runners are the perfect solution.

    Our Washable Door Mats and Runners are:

    • 1 - Large enough to be a place to stand while you remove your winter boots
    • 2 - Thin enough to go under almost any door
    • 3 - Fully machine washable to stay looking pristine


    Washable Door Mats and Runners Perfect to combat wet and salty wintertime foot prints, our washable door mats come in 100+ colours

    Standard Sizes

    Our washable door mats and runners come in a range of styles.

    Our off- the-shelf, super-absorbent cotton blend mats are available in 5 colours; Granite, Charcoal, Bronze, Black, Beige and Chocolate Brown.

    They range in size from the petite 60 x 40cm to a whopping 150 x 90cm; ideal to almost fill a porch or boot room.

    They are also available as a runner size too at 180cm x 60cm.

    Custom Made

    If you have a very specific size in mind or would like a greater choice of colours; our made to measure washable door mats and runners would be the ideal choice.

    Our colour chart offers 72 colours in this product and pretty much any size you like. Simply choose your customisation with us online and your mat with be delivered to you by courier in around 2 weeks.

    Easy to Clean

    Our washable mats will absorb a lot and keep their good looks for a long time. If they do start to look a little tired simply pop them in the washing machine and wash at 30 degrees. If you have chosen a very large size you might have to use a carpet shampoo machine but these give excellent results too.

    Although they are excellent at absorbing moisture, so they are ideal for this time of year our washable mats are useful all year round. They feel soft and welcoming underfoot when you remove your shoes and don’t shed any fibres either.

    Order yours now so that next time the weather strikes your mat will be ready to save your floors from those pesky salty footprints.

    Explore our range...

  • How to Clean Door Mats

    It’s a door mat’s job to get dirty, loyally protecting your floor from mud and debris. In spite of this, it’s not ideal to have a filthy mat greeting visitors to your home or business. Therefore knowing how to clean door mats is important for the appearance of your entrance-way and in maintaining the longevity of your mat.


    Coir Matting

    When it comes to coir matting, check out our Care and Maintenance Guide for our advice on how to clean door mats made from natural coir fibres.

    How to Clean Door MatsOur coir care guide gives some great tips on how to clean coir matting

    Coir is a very popular choice for entrance matting due to its hard wearing properties, although it does have to be treated with a little sensitivity. The natural coconut husk fibres can be damaged by harsh chemicals or forceful scrubbing.

    What if your main priority is having a door mat that can withstand a vigorous clean and is also very durable? We have just the thing...


    Synthetic Coir Scraper Matting

    Our brand new range of synthetic coir scraper matting is versatile, hard wearing and brilliant at removing dirt from shoes. When laying awake at 3:00am, you never need to worry about the burning question of how to clean door mats again! Hose it, scrub it, put detergent on it, this matting can endure the deepest of cleaning. It is also functions equally well indoors and outdoors.

    Personalised Outdoor Mat A stylish house name personalised outdoor synthetic coir scraper mat

    On top of all this, you can choose to personalise your mat using one of our contemporary designs.

    Although care of our synthetic coir scraper matting is very easy, we have produced a care and maintenance guide for if your preference is to launder it in a washing machine. Yes, it's machine washable too! Plus a short cycle in the tumble dryer is absolutely fine for removing excess water.

    Synthetic Coir Scraper Mat Care Guide Everything you need to know about how to clean and care for our synthetic coir scraper matting





    How to Clean Door Mats - Spring Cleaning Offer

    We’re so thrilled about our new collection that we’re offering a 20% discount in preparation for the season of Spring Cleaning. Thinking of sprucing up your entrance hall ready for family visits over Easter (it’s early this year!)? Been searching everywhere for a personalised outdoor mat? Struggling with how to clean door mats? This offer is for you!

    Personalised Prosecco Door Mat An "Of-The-Moment" design in synthetic coir - perfect for outside your front door










    Take advantage of this great offer by simply entering SPRING20 into the Coupon Code box at the checkout page for any of our new Synthetic Coir Scraper Mats.

  • How to Stop a Door Mat from Moving

    Is your door mat creeping up on you? Feeling like the rug is being pulled from under you? ... OK, no more bad jokes! But seriously, we realise how annoying it is to have a door mat that just won’t stay put. Not only can it create a trip hazard, the mat becomes less effective at doing its job of protecting the floor. And think of all the time spent in a day straightening and tidying the mat.


    Here are a few ideas on how to combat this daily niggle:

    1) Double Sided Tape

    Economical and straightforward, a good quality double sided tape is often all that is needed to hold a door mat in place, in the short term. The drawback is that you may have to apply fresh tape if you move the mat to shake it outside. Over time, the adhesiveness of the tape is likely to lessen, which again will lead to re-applying the tape. However if you’re happy to keep double sided tape to hand, then this method is a genuine option.

    How to stop a doormat from moving? The backing of your mat, or the extra anti slip backing that you can purchase to place underneath your mat is crucial to solving this common problem

    2) Anti Slip Underlay

    Purchasing an underlay that has anti slip properties is a fairly inexpensive way of solving the problem in the longer term. We stock an Anti Slip Rug Underlay which is made from a recycled fleece material. Available in 5 different sizes, simply cut the underlay 5-8cm smaller than the door mat itself, and then place underneath. The underlay stays in place without any adhesive, meaning no risk of marking your floor. It works by creating friction between the backing of the mat and the floor. It’s also fully washable at 60⁰ and remains effective after laundering.

    3) Purchase a Door Mat with an Anti Slip Backing

    We stock a wide range of door mats that have an inbuilt anti slip backing, these are made from washable carpet pile with a nitrile rubber backing. Our Made to Measure Washable Carpet Mats  also have the option for an additional anti slip backing to be added, as well as an extra thick backing to make the mat more rigid and prevent it from creasing in the middle. We can also match the backing type to suit the type of flooring that the mat will be placed on top of. For carpet surfaces, a “gripper” backing is applied which has cleats that grasp onto the carpet pile. For hard surfaces, the backing is smooth to create optimum contact with the floor. Door mats with an inbuilt anti slip backing are definitely something to consider if non-movement is your main priority.

    4) Create a Frame around the Mat

    How to stop a mat moving around? Create a frame around it A surface fixed mat frame might be the solution to your mat moving woes.

    Worth considering if building a mat well recess is not an option. Beading / Edging strips are easily sourced from DIY / Hardware stores, these are then used to create a frame around the mat which is glued or screwed to the floor. Although this is quite a straightforward process, a level of DIY skill is needed in cutting down the beading / edging, assembling the frame and then securing it in place. It’s also a more permanent approach that will affect your flooring, since the frame will be attached to the floor. Our Cut to Size matting is perfect for building a frame around.

    5) Build a Mat Well / Recess

    Stop your doormat moving by fitting a mat well The most permanent solution is to create a mat well to house your mat.

    This is the most permanent solution and probably the most effective. It’s easier to build a mat well when new flooring is being laid, as all that is needed is to leave a space around the door way for the door mat to be installed into. Creating a mat well within existing flooring is trickier, and may require the help of a local builder / handyman. Again, we stock a range of matting that is ideal for fitting into a mat well  and with a range of thicknesses to choose from, you can ensure that the matting will be flush with the surrounding flooring.

  • Non Shedding Coir Doormat – Is There Such A Thing?

    Natural Coir Matting remains many people’s number one door matting material. Traditional, hard-wearing, long-lasting and stylish, there are many positives that make it a popular choice. There’s only one downfall. Shedding. Of course, with the higher grades of Coir, shedding is far less of an issue due to the more densely woven pile. But Coir fibre loss can rarely be totally avoided. So what about a non-shedding alternative?

    Non Shedding Doormat Our 12mm Non Shedding Doormat is made from synthetic coir and comes in a range of colours

    With the natural look of Coir and super durability, our Synthetic Coir Entrance Matting is a brilliant solution to the shedding conundrum. It’s 100% Non Shedding.

    The weave is a looped pile, which feels softer under foot than the traditional coir brush pile, but still has an effective scraping action. At 12mm thick, our Synthetic Coir is also an ultra thin doormat, which is perfect for shallow mat well recesses where natural Coir would be too thick.

    Synthetic Coir poses no trouble when it comes to cleaning. Simply vacuum, shake outdoors and even use liquid detergent to spot clean any stubborn marks.

    Outdoor Synthetic Coir Our brush pile synthetic coir can be used outside as drainage holes in the backing help to prevent water build up

    Obviously the pile is synthetic polypropylene, but with the backing being recycled rubber this goes some way towards eco-friendliness. And because it’s so hard-wearing, you really won’t have to replace this matting very often, which is another step in the right direction when thinking about the Planet.

    The other great feature is that our Synthetic Coir is compatible with underfloor heating due to the heat resistant backing. Again this fills a gap left by natural Coir with a PVC Backing that doesn’t withstand the heat too well.

    With all of these amazing features, it does leave us with the question: Is Synthetic Coir Matting even better than the real thing?

    Why not find out? Take advantage of our fantastic offer of 20% off between 16th January and 2nd February. Just enter the code NONSHED20

  • What Size Doormat for Double Doors?

    Double Doormat for Patio Doors Our Double Doormat has a standard width of 120cm and a choice of 3 lengths to suit every situation

    With lots of us using French or patio doors as the main entrance into our homes straight from the garden, having a door mat that matches the width of the double doors is a really good idea.

    Not only does it look neat, it’s a great help in stopping mud, leaves, grass and wet shoes from finding their way into the house.

    Often double doors are located in dining rooms, lounges and conservatories, rather than hallways. This calls for an even greater need to protect the surrounding flooring – nobody wants muddy footprints on their best lounge carpet!

    We stock a range of matting that is perfect for double doors. But first, the issue of size.

    Made to Measure Washable Double Doormat Our Made to Measure Washable Double Doormat comes in over 100 colours and can be made to any size you like

    Our Double Door Mat for Patio Doors is a standard width of 120cm, which fits nicely across the doors. However, the key is the length – too short and hasty feet will step off the edge, too long and the mat could take up too much space in your room or patio.

    The lengths of our Double Door Mat for Patio Doors have been tried and tested on this basis. The 3 optimum sizes were found to be 120cm x 45cm (Standard), 120cm x 60cm (Tall) and 120cm x 75cm (Extra Tall).

    Coir is great for both indoor and outdoor use, but if you’re looking for an indoor Double Door Mat which is thin and absorbent, our Washable Double Door Mats fit the bill.

    Traditional Hand Stitched Doormat Made to Measure Our Traditional Hand Stitched Doormat is Made to Measure to your exact requirements so can be the perfect choice for a double doormat

    Slightly wider at 180cm, the 60cm length gives plenty of room for the all important removal of footwear at the door. A choice of 6 different colours means that matching your door mat with your decor is easy.   We also have a massive range of 100+ colours in our Made to Measure Washable Carpet Mats so complementing your surrounding flooring is not a problem.

    Of course, you could choose your own exact size door mat for double doors by measuring your space. We have a huge range of Made to Measure Door Mats, which are produced to the nearest centimetre.

    This means you can create a unique size that is best for your double doors.

  • How big should a doormat be?

    Large Doormat from Make An Entrance Large Doormats trap more dirt

    The simple answer is as large as possible.

    Ideally you want a mat big enough that people can enter the house, and close the door behind them whilst still standing on the mat.

    This means that for those that don’t bother to stop and wipe their feet, and pets and children, there is maximum chance that both feet will have made contact with the mat on the way in.

    A large mat has the added benefit of being an area where people can stand to their remove shoes and will be weighty enough not to move around.

  • Are thicker mats better?

    Advice on choosing Thick Doormats For the firmest bristles go for a shorter pile!

    Not necessarily.

    Think about when you have your hair cut.

    Very short hair styles are very firm and bristly whereas in a longer style the hairs tend to lie flat.

    Doormats are the same. For a doormat with the firmest bristles, choose a shorter pile.

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